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I’m very behind schedule, but I wanted to get back into listening to more Kpop closer to when it comes out, as well as artists that I might not have done without these posts. I’ve made a few changes to the format, and will only include my favourites from the week and my honourable mentions.

All the songs I went through are from the websites: kprofileskpopofficial~

February 3rd

Kim Myung Soo – 기억과 기억 사이(Memory)

Myung Soo (L) debuted as a vocalist in boy group Infinite in 2010. He then debuted in the sub-group Infinite F in 2014. He is still a member despite leaving Woollim Entertainment. He is also a popular idol actor, starring in dramas such as Ms. Hammurabi and Angel’s Last Mission: Love. Memory is Myung Soo’s debut single album which he released before his enlistment.

This is a calming ballad that generally keeps the same pace, so it has a nice lullaby quality.


Hyuna is a solo singer currently under P Nation. She debuted with Wonder Girls, but left due to health reasons. She then debuted as part of girl group 4Minute in 2009 and then debuted solo in 2010. Good Girl is another track from her latest comeback album I’m Not Cool.

Hyuna singing is often something we don’t get to hear, but it’s wonderful. Due to her rapping and singing voices being very distinct from each other, it gives Good Girl a more dynamic and compelling sound. Hyuna is a versatile Queen! The lyrics are also about wanting to be free and being confident in yourself – I really like songs she pens herself ♥

Gaho – HOME

Gaho is a solo singer who debuted in 2018 under Planetarium Records. He is also a under PLT – an agency where he collaborates with other artists under the same label. Home is his 5th digital single.

I don’t have too much to say about this song, other than that I love Gaho’s voice and all of his songs sound great! You should definitely check him out! ♥ HOME has great vocals, mixed with a very simple, yet beautiful score.

February 4th

Gaeko x Kwon Jin Ah – 마음이 그래 (I Feel Like)

Gaeko (Kim Yoon Sung) is a rapper/singer who debuted as part of Dynamic Duo with Choiza in 2004. In 2006, the pair and Go Kyung Min founded the label Amoeba Culture. He debuted as a solo artist in 2013. Kwon Jin Ah is a soloist under Antenna Label and she debuted in 2016 (having previously come 3rd in Kpop Star 3). I Feel Like is a single collaboration.

This song opens with Kwon Jin Ah’s stunning vocals that are emotive and also soothing. And then Gaeko has a smooth, rnb voice that is lovely to listen to. The pair singing together brings the song up a whole level! Their voices compliment each other very well. I’m not familiar with Kwon Jin Ah, but I’m definitely going to be checking more of her music out ♥

베이빌론(Babylon) – 혼자 (Alone)

Babylon is a singer-songwriter, rapper and dancer. In 2011, Jong Min debuted in boy group N-Train under Media Line Entertainment. 2 years after the groups disbandment, he signed with KQ Produce and debuted solo in 2015.

As his album dropped with a few MV’s on this day (I believe) I just chose a random MV – which was heavily influenced by having lee Hyori’s name in the title – but she doesn’t actually feature. From what I can tell she produced, wrote and composed the song. Lee Hyori – a multi-talented Queen ♥

At first I was unsure whether I liked Babylon’s vocals, but I didn’t make a move to close the video and the more I listened and got into the song the more I liked them. I think after a few more listens I’ll really like his voice. The song itself is wonderfully made, the music was simply stunning!

BLOO – Drama

BLOO (Kim Hyun Woong) debuted in 2016, and is a rapper under MKIT Rain Records and is also a member of neonblue and 42crew. Drama is his 9th single.

I first heard BLOO’s Downtown Baby (which is a great song btw) and it seems like all of his songs are such a vibe. This song is chill, but gives a positive feeling. The lyrics are also really sweet. I will say the video might be age restricted, so I’m going to leave a link to it here, and the above video will just be the audio. And if you’re like me – concerned at the party and physical content during COVID times – I checked the description and they do explain that they followed the quarantine guidelines. We stan a “bad boy” who is both soft and conscious about safety ♥

February 5th

MOVNING – Magellan (마젤란)

MOVNING is an indie/alternative band signed under Sugar Records. The band was formed in 2013 and officially debuted in 2016. There are 3 members: Jang Ha Rim (vocalist + pianist), Hwang In Gyu (backup vocal, bassist + synthesiser) and Im Jun Hyuk (backup vocal, drummer + percussionist).

Magellan is their February single album release. The arrangement is really great and goes well with Ha Rim’s vocals. The vocals themselves are interesting and took me a little getting used to, but he has a pretty lilt to the end of his sentences. A great song that I highly recommend~

ONEW – 그림자

Onew is the leader of the 5 membered boy group SHINee, who are under SM entertainment. They debuted in 2008 and Onew released his first solo mini album VOICE in December 2018. Alongside having roles in musicals, he has also had small roles in dramas, most notably Descendants of the Sun.

그림자 (Shadow) is an OST to the drama A Week Before Farewell which aired from 22nd-26th of February and stars SNSD’s Yuri.

I was never not going to like this song. Onew is one of my favourite singers. This song is emotive, beautiful and still warm because of Onew’s tone ♥

February 7th

2NB – You Don’t Love Me (넌 나를 사랑하지 않아)

This song is from 2NB’s single album of the same name. 2NB was originally a duo group which debuted in 2006. Throughout the years it has gone through several line-up changes – Hyojin joined in 2016, and since it’s disbandment, she continued as a solo artist while keeping the groups name.

Hyojin’s vocals are stunning and emotive in You Don’t Love. It’s a beautiful song and I look forward to hearing more of her music ♥

Honourable Mentions:

  • 2nd February: CIX – CINEMA. While the vocals aren’t overly strong (or perhaps not fully utilised in this song), the song is fun with a great set of beats throughout. It’s a well produced song for sure. The vocals in this song are quite similar and it adds to the easy listening experience.
  • 4th February: PURPLE KISS – Can We Talk Again. This is another pre-debut release from RBW’s upcoming girl group. I like this song better than their previous release – the vocals are stronger and this style/genre seems to fit them better. My only complaint is that I don’t really like the chorus. I am however very excited to see what they debut with. || Cha Eun Woo – Love So Fine (OST True Beauty). Eun Woo’s vocals are really good, my issue was the the music is too loud and is kind of annoying. I can see it working well in a cutesy rom-com drama (which it’s for) but it doesn’t stand on it’s own without that context.
  • 5th February: Jun – 乌鸦(Crow). This isn’t kpop, but Jun is a member of boy group Seventeen and his voice is so beautiful that I had to share this! || (G)I-DLE x Dimitri Vegas x Like Mike – HWAA (remix) – I’m putting this here, because it’s not something I would listen to a lot, but it is pretty good. The remix sounds natural with the vocals – it’s not in competition – and this style fits the song and it fits the group as well. It does give a bit of Dreamcatcher vibes, which I’m not mad at. || Momoland x CHROMANCE – Wrap Me in Plastic. I don’t quite know how I feel about the song overall, but the chorus is so catchy and well sung~ || YURI – 이별 유예 (OST A Week Before Farewell). Yuri has a pretty voice, it has a warm and comforting feel to it. There is a sweet edge, and sometimes this song was a bit too on the sweet side vocally, which meant some of what would be the stronger moments of the song felt weak.

What were some of your favourite releases in this week? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading! I hope you’re having a lovely day and staying safe ♥


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