Lee Dae Hwi and Chae Young x Allure Kr ♥

LET’S PLAY, 이대휘와 조카 || 27.4.21

Lee Dae Hwi is a kpop idol, who became a member of the group Wanna One in 2017, which was formed through Produce 101 season 2. He has released solo music and is a member of Brand New Music’s boy group AB6IX (which debuted in 2019). In this editorial, he is joined by his niece, Ham Chae Young, who is a child model.

For the full article and more photos check out the Allure Korea website here~

This is such a cute and cool shot, despite being so simple.

Dae Hwi is wearing a pretty cute outfit from Bottega Veneta (however it is leather). The ‘boxy fit’ top is £2,990, while the ‘relaxed fit’ trousers are £4,030. This is rounded off by ‘puddle sandals’ (£235) from the same brand, which to me look like fancy crocs. The woven cotton and leather bracelet (£235) comes from Dolce & Gabbana. This entire outfit is over £7000… I need a lie down.

Chae Young is wearing a super pretty pink ‘A-line cloqué’ dress (£39.99) from the designer collaboration of Simone Rocha x H&M. This is paired with colourful canvas shows from Vans, which remind me of Elmer and that makes them cuter for some reason haha~

Chae Young is so pretty~

In this shot Chae Young is wearing a knit top from Skin 2nd. The knit hair pins/clips are from Deuxbebe.

I really like this photo and it’s one of my favourites from this editorial. The little stickers (he has a love heart on his nose, what’s not to love?!), the messy hair and posing is great ♥

The white shirt and the black top are both from Prada. All plain white shirts look the same to me, but all of them are around £600. With the top, there were several options, but none of the collars matched, which is honestly a really cool detail – it also looks super comfy.


Dae Hwi is wearing a brown shirt (86,759.38원/around £55.50) and bermuda shorts (75,777.18원/around £48.50) combo which suit him so well by 8 by Yoox. And we’ve had this discussion about white shirts – this one comes from Polo Ralph Lauren, as well as the super cute bear shoes.

Chae Young is wearing a tie dye shirt (39,000원/£25), orange trousers (48,300원/around £31) with big side pockets and cute yellow smiley face knee length socks (9,000원/around £5.80) from Icebiscuit. Children look so cute in bucket hats (€45.00/around £39) and this one comes from The Animals Observatory, while the bear slides (£45) are from Polo Ralph Lauren.

This is a shot that could come off really awkward, but it’s actually super cute in this instance ♥

Dae Hwi is wearing a super soft looking grey ‘half zip’ jumper (159,000원/around £102) from Ponytail, with sports joggers from Duvetica. The accessories paired with this outfit are a logo ball cap (£49) from Polo Ralph Lauren and a pretty silver pearl and black resin necklace from Moon Sun (119,000원/around £76).

Chae Young is wearing a cute flower spaghetti strap dress (69,000원/around £44) under a soft looking pink short sleeved jacket from Jelly Mallow. I couldn’t find it on the site, but by the looks of it this brand is either very popular and/or exclusive as most of the items were sold out. The pink “swiss dot” ribbon (25,000 원/around £16) is from Lali Kids by Deuxbebe.

This last picture is again of just Dae Hwi, and while it doesn’t really fit with the aesthetic of the rest of the editorial, I like it so wanted to include it here. Dae Hwi looks natural and at ease~

The lovely brown polo shirt (328,000원/around £210) that is knitted and looks soft comes from RECTO and is paired with cream trousers – with leather trim – (189,000원/around £121) from Moon Sun. The slippers (150,000원/around £96) on the floor are made from napa leather and are from the brand Cos.


Bottega Veneta || Dolce & Gabbana || Simone Rocha x H&M || Vans || Skin 2nd || Deuxbebe || Prada || 8 by Yoox || Polo Ralph Lauren || Icebiscuit || The Animals Observatory || Ponytail || Moon Sun || Duvetica || Jellymallow || RECTO || Cos


  • Photographer: An Sang Mi
  • Editor: Kim Ji Eun
  • Hair: Kyung Hui
  • Makeup: DoI (도이)
  • Assistant Editor: Lee Da Sol

Thanks for reading!

I hope you’re having a lovely day and staying safe ♥


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