Ahn So Hee x Cosmopolitan Korea || March ’21 ðŸŒ¼

perfume pictorial || 02.03.2021

Ahn So Hee is a Korean actress and singer. She debuted in the girl group Wonder Girls in 2007, however she made her acting debut in 2004. in 2014 she starred in one of my favourite Kdrama’s Heart to Heart and her latest work was OCN’s Missing: The Other Side. In 2021 she is set to star in a special and a film.

For the original article and photos check out Cosmopolitan Korea here~

The perfumes in this editorial are from the Korean company Forment.

Some of the items aren’t currently on the official sites, but where the article says prices, I’ll use those (giving the Korean price and then convert to GBP).

I really like So Hee’s body positions in this shot, she looks so elegant in a comfortable and casual way. Although I don’t know how comfy jean shorts are to lounge in haha~

The knit top is from the stylist’s collection, while the shorts (19만원 – around £120) are from Michael Kors.

This is such a pretty and beautifully lit photo, it’s so ethereal ♥ I love So Hee’s facial expression and her hand placement around the perfume bottle isn’t too awkward. The perfume itself is Forment’s 50ml Cotton Memory (4만9천원 – around £30).

This really pretty lace skirt and shirt set is from 10 Corso Como.

This is a really simple photo, but is still pretty as So Hee has really cute and dainty facial features~

The t-shirt is from Korean brand &Other Stories (2만5천원 – around £15).

This picture is stunning! So Hee is so beautiful! Her eyes are so pretty and I love her little beauty spot ♥ Her wavy hair is placed in such a lovely way.

This guipare and organza lace detail styled dress (£329) gives the illusion of a skirt and bodice top (it connects in the middle, and personally I don’t like the back of the bodice). It is from Maje’s new collection.

This is a pretty picture, So Hee’s expression looks natural despite having her eyes closed. However, I don’t really like her hand/finger placement (both the one holding the bottle and the right hand under her elbow).

The perfume is the same as previously – Forment’s Cotton Memory. The shirt is from Korean brand Wondering at ADEKUVER. The shorts are from the stylist’s collection.


  • Contributing Editor: Choi Hyang Jin (최향진)
  • Photographer: Joo Yong Kyun (주용균)
  • Art Designer: Lee Sang Yoon (이상윤)
  • Hair: Kang Hyun Jin (강현진)
  • Makeup: Gong Hye Ryeon (공혜련)
  • Stylist: Nam Joo Hee (남주희)


Forment || Michael Kors || 10 Corso Como || &Other Stories || Maje || ADEKUVER

Thanks for reading!

I hope you’re having a lovely day and staying safe ♥


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