January – All The Kpop – Part 3 || 17th – 24th β™₯

Debuts || Comebacks || Releases || OST’s

I’m a little late with these again, but what’s new? My favourites in this post are a lot more varied, I feel, with more kpop and khh/krnb – with some indie thrown in too.

The sites I used to compile this list were Kprofiles and Kpopofficial. I’m sorry if I’ve missed any, there were quite a few releases this time. And once again, I am not musically gifted, so this post is purely to share what I liked and I hope that you can find some new favourites β™₯

January 17th

ν—ˆλ‹ˆμ§€ (Honey-G) – λžœμ„  Party LANline Party

Honey-G were formed in 2012 through the competition Superstar K4, and are currently under Chungchun Music. The group has three members: Bae Jae Hyun, Park Ji Yong and Kwon Tae Hyun.

Someone in the comments said that this song gave them SHINee vibes and I kind of have to agree. I could definitely see them singing this kind of song. It’s fun, with a retro feel. The vocals are distinct from each other and work well together. I especially like the main vocal. This song only has 2,551 views as of me making this post, which is a shame because this is a catchy, fun song and I think more people should know about it!

BUMKEY ft. NONE – Letter To Heaven (ν•˜λŠ˜λ‘œ μ“°λŠ” νŽΈμ§€)

Bumkey (Kwon Kibum) made his official debut in 2010 as the duo group 2winS, featuring on underground and mainstream Khiphop artists songs before this. He then signed with Brand New Music in 2013, making his solo debut, as well as re-debuting with a new group – Troy. I couldn’t find any information on NONE, so if you do let me know in the comments~

Letter To Heaven is on his digital single album ‘Lost’. This song is beautiful. Bumkey has a calming and soft voice that works so well with the rnb style. It makes you feel warm when you listen to him sing. None has a nice voice, though not as distinct. Overall, a great song!

January 18th

AB6IX – λΆˆμ‹œμ°© (STAY YOUNG)

I talked about a song AB6IX were on the remix of in part 2 and I’m so glad they’re on this list again with their comeback. Stay Young is the title track from the repackaged album of Salute. The group debuted in 2019 under Brand New Music as 5 members, but currently has 4 – Jeon Woong, Lee Dae Hwi, Park Woo Jin, and Kim Dong Hyun. All members have been active since before the groups formation.

The vocals of this group are wonderful and the rapper – Woo Jin – is outstanding! Stay Young has a cute pop song chorus, that has elements of ballad techniques throughout. The lyrics are uplifting and the video made me smile. It’s a great song and I highly recommend checking this group out, you won’t be disappointed! β™₯

Yunho – Thank U

Yunho (U-KNOW) is a member of – now duo – TVXQ with Changmin, which debuted as 5 in 2003. He made his solo debut in Japan in 2015, while making his one in Korea 4 years later in 2019. Thank U is the title track for Yunho’s 2nd mini album ‘Noir’.

Yunho really out here making a noir gangster/revenge short film for a music video. This is the extra af and artistic behaviour we love from the second gen idols at SM. Thank U as a song itself, is okay. The build-up took a little getting used to, but the chorus and subsequent listens really got me on board. This song is cool and dated, but in a cool way.

I will say, the video really elevates the song, but it also hindered it for me. It has a really cool style and the cinematography and how they incorporate dance sequences is smooth and doesn’t look weird. The video is also beautifully shot and coloured. However, the amount of times I had to pause… I mean it does come with a warning of graphic violence, but I was not ready!

This video has trigger warnings for violence – stabbing, gun usage (including Russian Roulette), blood, fighting, swords and murder. The video is age restricted so you need to sign in and it might be a trigger, therefore, I’ve put the MBC’s Music Core comeback stage. You can watch the actual MV here.

Epik High ft. CL + ZICO – Rosario || λ‚΄ μ–˜κΈ° κ°™μ•„ (Based On A True Story) ft. Heize

Epik High are a hip hop hop trio made up of 2 rappers and a DJ. They formed in 2001 and officially debuted 2 years later under Woolim Entertainment, winning many awards over the years. Since leaving YG Entertainment in 2018, they have signed with American agency William Morris Endeavour. Rosario is the title track for their 10th album ‘Epik High Is Here’. It features CL (formerly of 2NE1) and ZICO (member of Block B).

I know this is Epik High’s song and I love them, but CL is one of my ultimate Queens and her singing ‘I am a legend’… YES. YOU. ARE!

Anyway, back to the scheduled programme πŸ˜‚ Epik High are incredibly talented. Tablo and Mithra are both great rappers with a unique voice. Tukutz makes really interesting beats and this is no different. It amazes me how cool they act when they’re performing and how ridiculous they are off stage.

This song is cool and powerful. And with the added presence of CL and Zico, it becomes even cooler. Like, this shouldn’t be allowed. The video is also shot in the same kind of way that Born Hater was and I really love it – plus I watched them react and they explained that this is set in the same “universe”. Also Born Hater is also a great song with a lot of cool people too!

Based on a True Story is the second song they released with an MV in January. The song has that calmer and more thought provoking (almost haunting) quality – both in execution of the song and with the lyrics – that we’ve seen with Epik High and Tablo before. Heize – currently under P Nation – does a great job and her voice is unique, and those types of voices work very well with Epik High. For that MV, click here β™₯

Susan – Shattered (λ§λ§λŒ€ν•΄) || Eros || Amateur Lover

Susan debuted in 2017, and from what I can tell, she is an independent artist.

My favourite of the three is Amateur Love. The song is upbeat, cool and sexy. The vocals are great and interesting. Susan gives us something different with each song and it’s impressive how dynamic she is.

Shattered is a song that you have to be in the mood for. It needs your full attention and once you’re in the right mindset, it’s captivating. The song has a vulnerable feeling to it. I enjoyed Eros, it has more of a hip hop vibe than Shattered, but subtle and with more of an rnb feeling.

MONNI – 였늘 λ°€ (Tonight)

MONNI are a band made up of 4 members – Kim Shin Eui, Lee In Gyeong, Gong Tae Woo and Jeong Hoon Tae – who were scouted by Soundholic while they were performing in Hongdae. The group debuted in 2005, and are currently under Modern Boy Entertainment (since 2014).

Tonight is a lovely ballad, with rocknroll aspects in guitar solos (or riffs?). The main vocalist – Sini – has a lovely voice and this song overall is great. It sounds like something you would listen to while walking at night lost in your own thoughts.

January 19th

ONEUS – No Diggity (λ°˜λ°•λΆˆκ°€)

ONEUS (pronounced One Us) is a 6 membered group – Ravn, Seoho, Leedo, Keonhee, Hwanwoong, and Xion – that was formed by RBW. They debuted in 2019. No Diggity is the title track for the most recent comeback and fist full album ‘Devil’.

With a title like ‘no diggity’ I was apprehensive and worried that it was going to be cringey. Thankfully, I was entirely wrong in my preconceived opinion! This song is great! The vocals are really good and they work incredibly well together. No diggity is powerful and cool, with a catchy chorus. I’m not necessarily a fan of dubstep (is that even the right genre?) but the ending is really cool – it gave me Block B vibes. It’s a song I’ll be listening to a lot and I’ll definitely (finally) get round to checking them out properly β™₯

Moonbit –  I wish you loved me (쑰금만 μ™Έλ‘œμš°λ©΄ 널 μ‚¬λž‘ν•  수 μžˆμ–΄)

Moonbit (Mon Ji Hyun) is a solo singer under Inheart Music. She debuted in 2016. I wish you love me is from her latest single album of the same name.

Moonbit’s vocals are gentle and stunning. This ballad is wonderful β™₯ The video above is only the half version, but I recommend checking out the full song~

January 20th

Cherry Bullet – Love So Sweet

Cherry Bullet is a multi-national girl group under FNC Entertainment. They have 7 members (formerly 10) – Hae Yoon, Yu Ju, Bo Ra, Ji Won, Chaerin and May – and they debuted at the beginning of 2019. Love So Sweet is the title track from their latest comeback and 1st mini album ‘Cherry Rush’.

Love So Sweet has a mix of cute and mature vocals. The overall song is fun, super cute and well sung. I really like the chorus – it’s incredibly catchy – and the ending had a lot of energy and then sweetness. The music itself had some fun beats and I liked the clapping section a lot. A great song to get you in a happy mood β™₯

Hoppipolla – λ„ˆμ˜ λ°”λ‹€ Our Ocean

After forming on and subsequently winning the music competition Super Band, Hoppipolla signed to Dreamus. The group consists of 4 members – I’LL, Hong Jin Ho, Ha Hyunsang and Kim Young So – and they officially debuted in 2019. Our Ocean is the title track for their 2nd mini album ‘And Then There Was Us’.

Stunning! Hoppipolla are one of my favourite groups. They are incredibly talented and every song they make is literally perfect. I’ll’s voice is one of my favourites, ever. Hyun Sang’s voice is so full of emotion and his high notes are wonderful. Young So is a little genius on the guitar and Jin Ho, with his cello, brings such a depth and beauty that is truly one of the main reasons this group is so amazing! Their little solo duet in this song is fabulous! This ballad is beautiful and I honestly don’t have the right words to convey how much I love this. I highly recommend this song, all their other songs and their Superband performances.

These men (and Young So – he’s 19) are also unconsciously hilarious and led by such an awkward idiot. They deserve so much love and support β™₯

Yuju – Falling

Yuju is the main vocal for 6 membered girl group GFriend. They debuted in 2015 under Source Music, which because a subsidiary of Big Hit Entertainment in 2019. Falling is an OST for JTBC’s drama Run On.

Yuju’s voice is stunning. She has such a beautiful voice for ost’s because you get captivated by her voice and the emotions within it.

BEIGE – IF IT SNOWS TONIGHT (였늘 λ°€ 눈이 μ˜¨λ‹€λ©΄)

Beige (Hwang Jin Sun) is a solo singer and MC. From what I can tell she debuted in 2007 and mostly releases songs for OST’s.

If It Snow Tonight is a soft and smooth jazz (?) number. It has a strong winter feeling, especially in a cosy Christmas sense. It’s a really pretty song and I’m interested in checking out more of Beige’s work.

January 21st

Kim Na Young – Where Are You

Kim Na Young is a solo singer under Neverland Entertainment. Before her debut in 2012, she was known for her busking in Hongdae. She has done OST’s for several popular drama’s such as Descendants of the Sun and What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim. Where Are You is an OST for JTBC’s drama Run On.

A beautiful voice and ballad befitting an OST. I’m really interested to check out more of her work. Na Young’s vocals are strong, with a lot of emotion and a deep element I really like β™₯

109 – μ†Œλ“± Lights out

109 or Il-Gong-Gu (일곡ꡬ) is the stage name for singer and songwriter Kim Chan Young. He is signed under Inheart Music and made his debut in 2015. Lights out is his latest single.

Lights out is an indie ballad song that has pretty vocals. Most of the comments were saying how soft the song and Chan Young’s voice is and I completely agree, he’s lovely to listen to~

January 22nd

Yang Da Il – ‘our joys and sadnesses’

Yang Da Il is a ballad singer under Brand New Music. In 2019 during the 28th Seoul Music Awards he won Discovery of the Year, despite having been active since 2015.

our joys and sadnesses is Yang Da Il’s 2nd full album and I chose to share his preview of the album. The songs are very pretty and he has a lovely voice. I highly recommend checking these songs out in full!

January 23rd


STEP is the title track from the 1st mini album ‘LIKE’. I couldn’t find any info about KROM, so if you do and would like to share in the comments that would be great! EK is a rapper who debuted in 2015 as a member of MBA, he has since debuted as solo (2017). He was on Show Me The Money (2018+2019) and I believe KROM was also a contestant at one point (though I’m not sure which year).

I’ve said this many times that rap isn’t really my thing, but this song is so good! The rap is smooth and chill, which is really elevated by the beat and production of STEP. EK’s inclusion, though the style is different, is great. I’m surprised this has so little views.

January 24th

nautilus – μ–Έμ œμ―€ (Eternity)

nautilus is a solo artist under Donnie Records and made his debut in 2018. Eternity is his latest single.

Violins, a piano and beautiful vocals? Sign me up! Eternity is great and full of the emotion. I’m definitely going to be checking out more of his music β™₯

All the song titles in blue are linked to the videos or audio~

Honourable Mentions:

  • 19th January: Cravity – My Turn. This song is kind of generic, and part of the chorus was unexpected! However, the vocals are good and the music is cool. They’re a group I’m interested in looking more into || Chung Ha – X (κ±Έμ–΄μ˜¨ 길에 꽃밭 λ”°μœˆ μ—†μ—ˆμ£ ). I really like Chungha and I wanted to love this song, however the music is distracting. The vocals are great for the most part, just a shame I dont like the production as a whole.
  • 21st January: Kwon Soon Il – λ„ˆλ₯Ό μ°Ύμ„κ²Œ Finding You. Not going to lie I don’t remember this song from watching Colour Rush… but it’s pretty. I do wish the music didn’t overshadow the vocals quite so much, plus it kind of sounds muffled or under water (not sure how to explain it).
  • 22nd January: ITZY – Not Shy. This is the English version and it’s great! I quite like Not Shy anyway, and the pronunciation and rhythm of the girls is solid in this version. A great listen~ || Yurisangja – Let Me Love You (이런 λ‚œ μ–΄λ– λ‹ˆ). This song is good, but I put it here because it’s one of those songs that is nice to listen to but to truly enjoy it, it needs the boost of the drama setting. This is an OST for the drama Lovestruck in the City. || Muzie – μˆ¨λ°”κΌ­μ§ˆ (Hide and Seek). I prefer Muzie when he sings ballads, but this song was a mix of weak and strong vocals. When it’s the latter the song is wonderful and full of emotion, but the weaker elements – though stylistic – are a bit dull and take away from how good Hide and Seek could have been.
  • 23rd January: K.Will – You (λ‹ˆκ°€). K.Will has a fantastic voice, we all know that. This ballad is really lovely and emotional to listen to. However, what I’m mostly getting from all these OST’s for Lovestruck in the City is that I really want to watch it πŸ˜‚
  • 24th January: LambC – Emotional. This song is here because it’s in English and I wasn’t sure where to put it. Emotional is a really good song, with great vocals and nice music to go with them. The chorus is the best part!


Do you have any favourites from these 8 days? Let me know in the comments~

Thanks for reading!

I hope you’re having a lovely day and staying safe β™₯


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