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I’m finally back with another ATEEZ post which is part of my Kpop ReadAThon saga on my blog. This time we’re delving into comeback looks! For ATEEZ there is a plethora of content which can be checked out on their “Official Website: ateez.kqent“. For most of the comebacks they have several different styles and concepts for their shots and it was really fun going through them all.

ATEEZ is a boy group with 8 members which debuted on October 24th, 2018 under KQ Entertainment. Excluding their debut, they’ve had 7 albums (which astounds me since they’ve only been active for 2 years!):

  • Treasure Ep.1: All To Zero (Debut)
  • Treasure Ep.2: Zero To One (15.01.2019)
  • Treasure Ep.3: One To All (10.06.2019)
  • Treasure Ep. Fin: All To Action (08.10.2019)
  • Treasure Ep. Extra: Shift The Map (02.12.2019)
  • Treasure Epilogue: Action To Answer (06.01.2020)
  • Treasure Ep. Map To Answer (13.02.2020)
  • Zero: Fever Part.1 (29.07.2020)

For some members I did give myself a limit, especially if I had used pictures from the same era with the same kind of styling otherwise there would just be too many pictures with the same look πŸ˜… This applies mostly for Fever because there are so many promo pictures!!

Hong Joong

  • Position: Leader, Rapper, Composer + Centre
  • DOB: 07.11.1998
Top Row (left to right): Treasure Ep.1: All To Zero || Treasure Ep.3: One to All || Treasure Ep.Fin: All To Action – Bottom Row (left to right): Treasure Epilogue: Action To Answer (x2) || Zero: Fever Part 1.

Hong Joon has some interesting styling… The mullet was… a thing. And while the buzz undercut with the long thin ponytail makes me uncomfortable, the promo photo I chose from All To Action looks cool.

I loved the light brown hair in All To Zero, and in this promo it looks slightly silver. It’s a colour Hong Joong would suit and we see that with the Action to Answer promo. This era has such a cool concept that is shown in the duality of the promo pictures. Concerning, One To All, I love when idols have ginger hair and he looks so cute, especially with the freckles β™₯

Finally, I like the very blue hair of Zero: Fever Part 1. It is somewhat juxtaposing as it’s more of a “flower man” look and gives a softer vibe (plus I don’t really like his other hairstyle from this most recent era). Overall, his style might not be what I like, but Hong Joong is so handsome and has such a cool vibe that it often works for him.

Seong Hwa

  • Position: Vocal + Visual
  • DOB: 03.04.1998
Top Row (left to right): Treasure Ep.1: All To Zero || Treasure Ep.2: Zero To One || Treasure Ep.Fin: All To Action – Bottom Row: Zero: Fever Part.1 (x3)

Seong Hwa is so handsome and I completely understand why he’s a visual, but I found a few of his promo looks just weren’t flattering or flatteringly photographed. Even so, there are quite a few I liked πŸ˜…

Male idols with black or dark brown hair will always be superior! So, I really liked the era’s of All To Zero, All To Action and the first promo of picture of Zero: Fever Part.1 I then liked the slow transition to a more greyish brown look in that era. The middle photo on the bottom row is captivating! β™₯ Finally, I liked the blond hair of Zero To One, but I mainly like this promo look because it highlights Seong Hwa’s facial structure~

Zero: Fever Part.1 is probably my favourite era for his looks β™₯

Yun Ho

  • Position: Main Dancer + Vocal
  • DOB: 23.03.1999
Left to Right: Treasure Ep.1: All To Zero || Treasure Ep.2: Zero To One || Treasure Epilogue: Action To Answer || Zero: Fever Part.1

The thing about Yunho’s promo looks is that his actual styling hasn’t changed that much apart from the colour of his hair. I will say I wasn’t a fan of the All To Answer look…

All To Zero’s promo photo is so pretty and the dark hair on Yunho is so handsome! It continues onto Zero To One and with this promo look I love the makeup and graphics. It’s pretty much the same in Action To Answer as well, but a lighter brown which works well with the photo’s palette. Finally, I really like the pale orange (I’m not sure what you’d call it πŸ˜‚). The curtains suits the fresh look~

Yeo Sang

  • Position: Vocal, Dancer + Visual
  • DOB: 15.06.1999
Left to Right: Treasure Ep.1: All To Zero || Treasure Ep.2: Zero To One || Treasure Ep.3: One To All || Treasure Ep.Fin: All To Action

Yeo Sang is so beautiful! However, I felt that some of the hairstyles weren’t overly complimentary to his features.

The blond hair in All To Zero is styled so prettily and it fits the surroundings and palette of the shoot. I then loved when they chose to darken his hair in Zero To One. It looks cool, especially with the jewellery. The styling is really handsome for this one.

Then we do a flip and go for a cuter and sulky look in One To All. The scruffy bowl cut in the light chestnut-like colour goes well with his features and outfit. I will say I don’t really like the eye makeup. Lastly, I really liked All To Action because I’m a fan of men in military style clothing β™₯ While the styling/hair is basically the same as Zero To One, there is something softer in this one and Yeo Sang’s ears look so cute!


  • Position: Vocal
  • DOB: 10.07.1999
Left to Right: Treasure Ep.2: Zero To One || Treasure Ep.3: One To All || Treasure Ep.Fin: All To Action || Zero: Fever Part.1

For me, San is one of the members that has the weakest styling.

In Zero To One, I like the overall styling even though the red highlights might not have been a choice I’d have gone for. For the One To All promo look I like the colour palette and the overall styling has an appealing 90’s/noughties vibe that’s cohesive. Moving onto All To Action, this is a Hong Joong situation. I only really like this hairstyle from this angle… I like the pop of blue you see and the way the hair falls at the front, but the back… nope. I also really love a knit jumper!

Now, the promo picture for Zero: Fever Part.1 is absolute perfection! San looks incredible with the simple dark hair and his skin tone is glowing. I love everything about it β™₯

Min Gi

  • Position: Main Dancer + Rapper
  • DOB: 09.08.1999
Top Row (left to right): Treasure Ep.2: Zero To One (x2) || Treasure Ep.3: One To All – Bottom Row (left to right): Treasure Epilogue: Action To Answer || Zero: Fever Part.1 (x2)

People say that Min Gi looks like iKON’s Bobby and yeah I see that in the first picture, which is just a genuinely cool picture. But, he looks so much like Hanbin in the second Zero To One promo! I really like the tan jacket and while I’m not a fan of the trousers, I get where the stylist was going.

I find it slightly comical that the shift from Treasure Ep.2 was so different to Ep.3, as Min Gi in One To All looks a lot softer, especially with the fluffy bowl cut and straw hat! We then go into Action to Answer, which I love. He suits the vibrant red and overstated fringe/parting. The arm is a little awkward so I might have chosen a different outfit maybe.

And lastly we have the duality of Zero: Fever Part.1. I love Min Gi with brown hair, he looks so handsome, and the eye makeup and expression are great! In the THANXX track promo, Min Gi looks cute with the blond frizzy fringe (he also really looks like Monsta X’s Shownu, but that might just be me). I will say, that while I like the styling, the overall photo is way too over exposed and white washed for my liking.

Woo Young

  • Position: Main Dancer + Vocal
  • DOB: 26.11.1999
Left to Right: Treasure Ep.1: All To Zero || Treasure Ep.2: Zero To One || Treasure Ep.3: One To All || Zero: Fever Part.1

Wooyoung is another member that has weak styling throughout the era’s in my opinion.

For All To Zero and Zero To One, the hairstyle is pretty similar, just flipped. And it’s a style that really suits him. I do prefer the browner hair out of these two. Plus, the styling in general is lovely in Zero To One. The browns are so soft and complimentary to Wooyoung’s skin tone β™₯

In One To All, I love this promo picture so much! The colours are fun and while it could look clown-like, it’s actually cool. I love the purple, it suits him with the cut! Lastly, and again: male idols with black/dark hair are superior! Wooyoung’s look for this Zero: Fever Part 1. promo is just a cool look in general that goes great with the simple styling and colour scheme of the shot.

Jong Ho

  • Position: Main Vocal + Maknae
  • DOB: 12.10.2000
Top Row (left to right): Treasure Ep.1: All To Zero || Treasure Ep.2: Zero To One (x2) – Bottom Row (left to right): Treasure Ep.3: One To All || Treasure Ep.Fin: All To Action || Zero: Fever Part.1

Jung Ho has some great looks.

His debut look in All To Zero was simple and effortlessly handsome. The promo’s for Zero To One are pretty dynamic with the editing and Jung Ho suits the dark red hair. The second promo photo from Zero To One is a lot more toned down, but like Wooyoung’s photo, the browns look so pretty and the styling is chic (also Jackson Wang who?). This one and the All To Action promo is my favourite. The latter is cool with the military style and the rich brown tones are complimentary with the lighting.

The promo for One To All is cute and full of the 90’s aesthetic. The hairstyle suits him, as well as the colouring and it gives him the maknae feel (does that make sense?). This is how I feel about Zero: Fever Part.1’s promo as well. While, I don’t really like the hairstyle… that thick red line… for some reason I really like the shot and styling so it’s not what I focus on. This photo is also a good angle for the style.

What’s you favourite promo look? Have I missed a member’s that you love? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading! I hope you’re having a lovely day and staying safe β™₯

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