What I’m Currently 🎬 and πŸ“š + Plans!

There need to be more hours in the day!

  • https://moreblminfo.carrd.co/ 
  • https://getinformed.carrd.co/ This is an incredible carrd with information and resources about many of the issues the world is going through right now!
  • I find Twitter an extremely useful tool in finding information about these injustices and ways to help. As well as Change.org for petitions!

October is going by so quickly and I’m going to use this space to explain to you and me what I’m doing πŸ˜‚

I’m going to start with the drama’s I’m watching, then the books I’m reading and then give an overview of what I have planned for the rest of the month. I’m a person who has multiple pieces of paper with their plans and progress written on and it’s not a great system, I’ll agree haha

A general blog update is that I’m planning on working on the theme/look of my blog! I updated to a paid plan (it was 50% off β™₯). And it allows donations, so if you’d like to support me, you can donate a small amount (the link is on the sidebar) and I’m also considering putting in a donations page. There is obviously no obligation and I’m still not sure whether I will do it β™₯


I’m currently watching 4 dramas right now, which is painful. I don’t really like watching multiple things at once, but they’re all very different so I’m not mixing any of them up which is good!

Player (2018)

I wish I was further in Player, but last week was not it. And when I’m not feeling great, I find it hard to sit down and watch something so complex. The plot is fast paced and it can be hard to keep up with, especially as they’ve gone after so many people in such a short time.

However, I am enjoying it. The characters are what is keeping me watching. I love all 4 members of the team, especially Jin Woong β™₯

If you’d like to read my first thoughts, as well as more info on the plot check out my post here~

Lost Romance (2020)

This Taiwanese drama is not on any watch lists of mine, but I saw a fanvid and I was immediately intrigued! It took me just a few days to be halfway through~

Xiao’en works for a publishing company which specialises in romance novels. To unwind, she and her best friend spy on He Tianxing, a popular and handsome CEO. After witnessing his supposed accident which puts him in a coma, Xiao’en finds herself thrown into the world of the current novel she’s working on – Overbearing CEO. But, she’s not the main lead as she’d hoped, because of this Xiao’en begins to strive to win the heart of Situ Aoran. But are her feelings for him real or do they stem from him looking exactly like Tianxing?

This is such a fun concept, and the main actress – Vivian Sung – is wonderful! I will say, if you don’t like overly dramatic and convoluted plots that involve chaebols (I don’t know how else to describe it… rich business people?), then maybe this might not be for you. Also, I’m rooting for one of the “villains”, she’s a bitch and she might be trying to kill people, but I love her and want her to be happy β™₯

Let’s Fight, Ghost! (2016)

I started this last week and I have yet to watch more than episodes 1+2… so, I’m going to link to my First Thoughts here! A quick overview of my feelings is that it started very weak, but the last, maybe 30mins of episode 2 has made me interested to carry on~

2gether (2020)

This is for my Thai Bingo Board challenge, which I should have finished months ago…. Sorry!

2gether had a lot of hype surrounding it when it was airing early this year and ended up being given a second 5 episode mini series which aired in August + September. It’s a bl that follows Tine, a university student and self proclaimed “chic guy” who likes the ladies. A senior has a crush on him and follows him relentlessly, adamant that Tine will fall in love with him. To get the senior off his back, Tine makes it his mission to get Sarawat, a member of the music club, to fake date him.

So far, I don’t really like Tine… and the drama gives off a sexist vibe. There are a lot of unnecessary scenes with half dressed women being viewed only as sexual objects to ogle. And while Green (the senior) shouldn’t be so aggressive in his affections and trying to change Tine’s sexuality, Tine could handle it better.

I plan to finish 2gether and then go straight into the sequel. After that, I have just one more Thai drama on the board, which is 3 Will Be Free (which I’m really excited for!) and then my post will be out! Hopefully, I can get it done in the first few weeks of November β™₯ And if you have any other Thai dramas, bl or not let me know in the comments!


I’m currently doing round 3 of the Kpop ReadAThon, which is chose Team Twice. I’m so far behind! I’ve been doing this team for 2 months and I’ve read a whopping 2 books… The ones I’m currently reading are:

Dead Until Dark; Charlaine Harris

This is the first book in the Sookie Stackhouse series (or more commonly known as the True Blood books). It follows Sookie, a waitress at a local diner, whose life gets turned upside down when a vampire moves to town.

So far, it’s not great. I don’t like any of the characters. Sookie is awful – I don’t think she’s said one nice thing about a woman. And Bill has like no personality. The thing is, it’s easy to read and also easy and fun to mock and make fun of. But this must get better, right? They made a tv series! And someone had to be reading to justify so many books!

Siege & Sacrifice; Charlie N. Holmberg

This is the 3rd book in the Numina trilogy. I’m enjoying it, but I think I’m experiencing my last book anxiety. I don’t want it to end, and I especially don’t want it to disappoint me.

I can do it! \(^o^)/

City of the Snakes; Darren Shan

This is the last book on my Twice tbr that I’ve yet to start. I think that also stems from the above mentioned anxiety. It’s the last book in the City trilogy. As we’re following the same character as book 2, hopefully once I start reading I’ll be preoccupied by him and the plot to not focus on my anxiety.

I hope to finish all 3 books by next Monday!

Plans for the rest of October

I have a lot that I want to complete in the next 2 weeks and I’m determined to get them done! Below is a calendar to show what posts to expect on what days:

There are 9 posts I want to post, so hopefully, you don’t get sick of me πŸ˜…

The main target is getting the Twice wrap up done and thus reading those 3 books. I’ve switched and now find myself being able to focus on watching dramas, rather than reading. I need to find a balance! Any suggestions?

Thanks for reading! I hope you’re having a lovely day & staying safe (also wrap up warm if you’re like me and it’s got super chilly where you live! If not don’t forget that sunscreen) β™₯


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