Find Me in Your Memory || First Thoughts Ep 1-4 ♥

그 남자의 기억법; lit. Memoir of the Man

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Find Me in Your Memory aired this year from March to May on MBC. It ran for 32 episodes – 2 a day in the drama’s Wednesday and Thursday slots at 9pm.

Lee Junghoon (Kim Dongwook) is an anchor, known for expressing his true feelings about his guests. He has hyperthymesia – a condition that means he remembers nearly every part of his life. Meanwhile, Yeo Hajin (Moon Ga Young) is a top actress who remembers nothing of her past. This allows her to live her life as she pleases.

I recently watched EXO Next Door and I really enjoyed Moon Ga Young’s acting, so it’s fun to see her in an actual drama with a much bigger needed range. And I think she did great ♥ Her character Yeo Hajin is rather carefree and practically transcends all expectations of an actress in the Korean entertainment industry. I like her nature as she’s honest and speaks her mind. And yes, she’s a bit of a mess. Moon Ga Young has done well to balance this character’s un-likablity with a charm of wanting to know more about her.

Hajin’s actions are sometimes childish and she’s an expert at getting into trouble, which gets her into hot water with Junghoon to begin with. His character is somewhat standoffish with everyone but those close to him. Junghoon is a popular anchor with a live segment on his network where he asks the tough questions and often strays from the script to do so. The dynamic the two characters have at the moment is one of exasperation and with two characters who aren’t afraid of speaking their minds it’s an interesting experience to watch!

We also got glimpses of the neurological issues (? I don’t know whether they’d be considered illnesses) of both the main leads and that is an interesting aspect. I’m very intrigued how this plays out in the rest of the drama, as this also brings into question a lot about both’s pasts and how they connect through Junghoon’s first love – Jeong Seoyeon (Lee Joobin).

Keeping my thoughts on the actors, I think they all did very well to immerse me into this plot. And there are so many people in this that I recognise, from the cast to the cameos. Yeo Hakyeong – Hajin’s sister and manager – is played by Kim Seulgi who is a delight to watch as always. And I recently watched Come and Hug Me which also starred Yoon Jonghoon. His character – Yoo Tae Eun – is a lot more friendly than that role ♥

There are also a lot of other characters that are fun and intriguing too!

So far there have been definite instances of that “melodrama feel”, and this is done through the setting and camerawork. Also snow really gives off such a melancholic vibe. However, there is a lot of humour as well. I’m looking forward to seeing both elements and I’m readying myself for some sadness and angst. It’s inevitable for me to cry at some point.

I will say that the drama is beautifully shot, however, there was a lot of repetition. We saw several scenes – concerning Junghoon’s past relationship – about 5 times in the first episode. And I don’t know if you feel the same, but I find it a bit annoying when an episode will show me a scene that we watched earlier in the episode as a flashback…

The things I’m most excited to see more of are the romance – which is obvious because that’s what I tend to love most about dramas. Despite the age gap of over 10 years, so far the chemistry between the leads is great even though they aren’t really in the same book, let alone on the same page! I’m also excited to see more scenes at the news station. I don’t know much about news, so it’s always really interesting and cool when dramas have this aspect. I think the “live” news element adds a lot of interesting scenarios.

Overall, I’m actually really excited to keep watching! ♥


  • Written by: Kim Yoonjoo & Yoon Jihyun
  • Directed by: Oh Hyunjong & Lee Soohyun
  • Running time: 35 mins
  • Release date: 18th March – 13th May 2020
  • Network: MBC

Did you watch Find Me in Your Memory this year? What were you first impressions?

Thanks for reading! I hope you’re having a lovely day and staying safe ♥


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