Billboard Greatest K-Pop Songs || 20-11 || ♪ My Thoughts ♪

Call me baby, Call me baby
몇 번이라도 Call me girl

Despite being close to the top 10, I only really like a handful of this list. Of course, opinions are subjective, but it’s a bit of a disappointment.

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20. Orange Caramel, “Catallena” (The Third Single Catallena, 2014)

Orange Caramel is the three member – Nana, Raina & Lizzy – subunit from After School. I feel like I’ve said this before, but this group feels like a fever dream! But one that has a solidified place in my memory. C.K. says it well here: “Make no mistake, they were in on the absurdity of their concepts, which only intensified their shine.”

Personally, I don’t really like this song. I wouldn’t actively go out of my way to listen to it, but I will admit that the chorus is catchy and the dance is cute and memorable. The video is also a strange experience that you can’t stop watching 😂

“Although this After School spinoff was too short-lived, they live on in our “Candy Culture”-coated memories as the quirkiest subunit of all time.”C.K.

19. Ladies’ Code, “Galaxy” (MYST3RY, 2016)

Galaxy was the first comeback after the car crash where EunBi and RiSe sadly passed away. The remaining members – Zuny, Sojung & Ashley – moved away from their original sound here with a more R&B, moody sound.

This song is beautiful and the vocals are dreamy. The video is also incredibly aesthetically pleasing.

J.M.K explains Galaxy in a great way: “For much of its runtime, “Galaxy” sounds weightless — lush waves of synths and sparkling chimes make you feel like you’re floating among the stars. But when the chorus kicks in, effervescent jazz instrumentation snaps you back to reality, or at least a simulacrum of one.  For three-and-a-half minutes, it sounds like they’re on the precipice of a loving reunion.”

18. TWICE, “TT” (Twicecoaster: Lane 1, 2016)

This is going to be controversial when I say I’m not a fan of Twice music. Their concepts look pretty cool, but they keep the same cutesy vibe and vocals… They do have catchy choruses tho!

J.B. calls them the decade-defining girl group” and that TT solidified their legacy with this gooey synth-pop track  (“TT” jokingly refers to dramatically crying over something)”.

17. KARA, “Step” (Step, 2011)

Another KARA song for the list!

This is such a fun song. It doesn’t bring much to the table vocally, but it’s still a good time and is easy to listen to. The video is adorable and colourful and the dance is great!

T.H. talks about Step by saying “in an industry defined by genre-blending and experimentalism, “Step” holds nothing back while surging forward in confidence that it is one of the purest pop confections out of K-pop this decade.”

Remember to treat people kindly ♥

16. Rainbow, “A” (So Girls, 2011)

I’ve listened to one other song by Rainbow “Black Swan” which I reviewed. I have a lot of the same qualms for A. The vocals don’t really shine because the music is overpowering which makes them somewhat generic and uninteresting. I will say, I still love the rapper! ♥

M.M. has a far more positive opinion: “On “A,” yet another gem from the Sweetune collection and the cream of Rainbow’s crop, there’s no time wasted on easing you in. Snappy synths and surf guitar rush to meet you right at the outset. Flirty, fizzy, and downright fun, “A” still gets an A+++ close to a decade later.”

15. Seventeen, “Very Nice” (Love & Letter (Repackage), 2016)

I’ve been listening to Don’t Wanna Cry a lot recently, but haven’t checked out their other songs. Why? I’ve been busy listening to that one song! duh :p

This is a fun song with even more fun video. M.M. says it succinctly in that Very Nice brims with a playful, rambunctious energy that forces you to smile”. They have the cute and enthusiastic energy of young boys. The chorus is so catchy and I’ve slept on Seventeen for way too long! I’ll definitely be checking them out more consistently ♥

14. Lim Kim, “Awoo” (Simple Mind, 2015)

I have a strong feeling that I reviewed this song and mv but I can’t find it… 😅 Anyway, I really like this song. It’s not a typical song, but then again Lim Kim is somewhat a genre in of herself.  

Awoo is a song about being confident, ambitious in love and flirty. In Awoo “she wields her sultry drawl as a weapon, letting every word spill out of her mouth with a knowing sense of power.” — J.M.K.

If you want to feel cool, I would definitely recommend checking Lim Kim out ♥

13. Wonder Girls, “Be My Baby” (Wonder World, 2011)

It’s time for another Wonder Girls song!

About Be My Baby, J.B. says: “Honoring their longtime status as the queens of retro concepts, the outfit smashed back onto the scene with a song that boasted a feel-good Motown vibe with punches of hard-hitting, modern-day synthesizers”.

My issue with this song is the synthesizers… they make the song sound busy. Also, a lot of the vocals sound strained and out of breath and I’m not a fan.

12. EXO, “Call Me Baby” (Exodus, 2015) 

Another EXO! It feels so nice seeing my children on this list.

This is such a suave and smooth sounding sound, as well as just being incredibly cool. Each member of EXO has a great voice and this song really highlights each members vocal talent (not to mention dance skills! This choreo is just as polished as usual!).

L.S. explains that Call Me Baby drew heavily from early ‘90s pop, tailored to perfection for each member’s strengths” and that it wassartorially adventurous in letting each member’s personality shine through — a literal graduation ceremony for what went on to be one of the most influential K-pop acts of the decade.” 

And continue to be. I’m always interested to see what they come out with next ♥

11. Gain, “Bloom” (Talk About S, 2012)

GaIn is one of those artists who pushes boundaries with her music. She explores mature topics, mostly sex, in a female positive and empowering way.

Bloom is a fantasia dedicated to, well, deflowering” and with this song GaIn pulled off a delicate balance: she pushed the boundaries of taste while retaining a sense of wonder. You could say she planted the seed that it’s worth it to test the limits of decorum.” — C.K. (let’s ignore the awful joke for C.K.’s sake 😂)

Her vocals are good and as always her music video is pretty creative (as well as super sexual in places, so if that bothers you, maybe don’t watch it).

What did you think about these songs? Would they have made your list?

Thanks for reading! I hope you’re having a lovely day and staying safe ♥


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