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I love female idols ♥

It’s time for another delve into the greatest kpop songs on the 2010’s according to Billboard. To see the original article and quotes click here~

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30. miss A, “Bad Girl, Good Girl” (Bad But Good, 2010)

I miss this group so much!

This song makes me so nostalgic! Miss A’s debut stood apart due to their detour from cute concepts to put their own spin on “girl crush”” as these monster rookies embodied the type of “bad girls” who tell their gossipmongering classmates to “shut up, boy!”” — C.K.

I also, remember a lot of male idols (Key in particular) doing the dance on variety programmes!

For me Miss A will forever remain the best JYP girl group ♥

29. iKON, “Love Scenario” (Return, 2018)

I have loved these boys since the cruelty that was WIN: Who Is Next. I want only the best for them and for Hanbin to return and for them to leave YG! Lee Hi has and I need my other children to do (including Winner… at this point I want all YG fam to leave 😅).

T.H. syas thatWith a rollicking piano refrain, brassy melody, and folksy percussion driving much of it, “Love Scenario” is all about a break-up that can be looked back on positively”

I tend to prefer iKON’s ballad (?) type songs and this song brings the fun and hip hop vibe they tend to have and the style I like. Also, this song is catchy and makes me smile as soon as Hanbin’s part starts! That is my favourite bit because it’s so fun to imitate!!

28. Sunmi, “Heroine” (Warning, 2018)

Sunmi is a member of the incredibly popular and iconic Wonder Girls, and her solo music has also been getting the recognition it deserves.

I don’t know much about the song, just that I like it, so here’s some info from J.M.K: “Without “Heroine,” the ferocity of Sunmi’s “Gashina” and “Siren” don’t fully make sense; it’s the centerpiece of a trilogy of singles filled with drama and redemption. Inspired by the ’80s film 9 1/2 Weeks, “Heroine” lays bare the mores of a s–tty, selfish boyfriend that Sunmi feels compelled to stay with.”

The breathy vocals are beautiful and make the powerful change of style even more impactful! Sunmi’s concept is incredibly artistic and cool. It has been since her solo debut with her first album Full Moon – 24hrs was a knockout! It’s always exciting to see what Sunmi comes out with next.

27. Red Velvet, “Bad Boy” (The Perfect Red Velvet, 2018)

Red Velvet are a group that keep growing and found a great niche in this style a few years ago. Bad Boy is “counted as their most daring release, the sultry, sensual, and tantalizing “Bad Boy” is the perfect representation of their mature “velvet” persona.” — L.S.

Despite being “daring”, the song still has a playful energy in the voices and pace of the song. They are definitely SM’s “it” girl group of the third wave generation.

Personally, I would have chosen Peek-A-Boo for this list (I don’t think it shows up, but I’m pretty sure RV do again). It’s from the same album and I love! It reminds me of a mash up of f(x) and SHINee and who wouldn’t love that?!

26. BLACKPINK, “Whistle” (SQUARE ONE, 2016)

BLACKPINK are a hard group to be a fan of. I feel so sorry for all the Blinks out there. Despite being an incredibly famous group, these girls have only had a handful of songs, which are mostly all singles. They go a long time between releasing and it’s a pity because they are talented.

Whistle was their debut song and it succeeded in showcasing the four members as ineffably cool, something that can be attributed to Jennie and Lisa’s sneering rap verses and the instrumentation’s effective use of negative space. The song ends with a sudden melding of its disparate musical parts — a quiet but resounding bang that overflows with confidence and made BLACKPINK’s “girl crush” concept feel impossibly fresh.” — J.M.K.

They had an incredibly strong and cool concept from the get go with access to the great resources an agency like YG had to offer. The chorus in this song is catchy and I feel cooler by just listening to this song!

They deserve better and I also don’t fully understand the hate this group gets.

25. T-ara, “Roly Poly” (John Travolta Wannabe, 2011)

T-ara were one of the biggest girl groups of their day and Roly Poly was their standout song that catapulted their nationwide recognition through the roof. While it’s not a song I particularly like, I can understand why it became so popular. M.M. explain that “K-pop and disco make beautiful bedfellows, and nowhere is that better demonstrated than on T-ara’s “Roly Poly.””

While this group is more known for their bullying controversy nowadays, it should be stated that they stormed both S.Korea and Japan by storm. And that everything was not has cut and dried and the “victims” perceived it to be.

24. Sistar, “Touch My Body” (TOUCH N MOVE, 2014)

It doesn’t feel like summer until you listen to a Sistar song, which makes their disbandment even sadder! J.M.K. says it best here: “For years, it felt like summers would be incomplete without a smash hit from Sistar, and “Touch My Body” was the best of them all. A particular line captures its essence succinctly: “This feels like paradise.””

Touch My Body is fun, fresh and incredibly well put together. The vocal and the music production combine to make an incredibly timeless summer song to make you happy and energised!

23. Wanna One, “Energetic” (1X1=1 (To Be One), 2017)

I don’t know much about this Produce 101 made group (apart from what I’ve learnt from the previous song they on this list before they debuted – Never). According to C.K. “This adrenaline rush of a song immediately shot them to the top of the charts, forming a snapshot of the 11-piece’s dynamism” and that it’s “undeniable that this temporary group left their mark on the K-pop landscape”.

I’m not overly impressed with the song, however, it’s the chorus and dance that makes me wish they could have had more music to really ground their sound.

The video makes me want donuts… like really bad, so if you don’t want that pain (of not having any) maybe watch their live performances 😂

22. Brown Eyed Girls, “Sixth Sense” (Sixth Sense, 2012)

Talking of iconic! Sixth Sense took the kpop scene by storm and is still one of Brown Eyed Girls most known and loved songs (which Abracadabra probably being the standout). It opens with the women readying for battle with cinematic strings backing liberated declarations to the call-and-response chorus.” — J.B.

Brown Eyed Girls are a different breed of girl group because they have spot on vocals, powerful concepts and a much more mature vibe all round. They are anything but stereotypical.

I would highly recommend listening to Brown Eyed Girls. They had a long hiatus, but have started making more music together. Also, GaIn’s solo work is fantastic ♥

21. Zion.T, “Yanghwa BRDG” (2014) 

This song is powerful in it’s personal message to Zion. T’s father. Yanghwa BRDG; “accompanied by soft, rhythmic bongos and sophisticated orchestration, it’s a poetic depiction of growing up working class, where you inherit needs and duties instead of dreams — a role that the child in “Yanghwa BRDG” might not fully understand but takes pride in nonetheless.”

I’m more familiar with the work Zion. T does as a producer, but this song and Eat are favourites. Zion. T has an incredibly way of utilising emotion in his music and it shows every time ♥

What were your thoughts on the songs or artists in this list?

Thanks for reading! I hope you’re having a lovely day and staying safe ♥


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  1. Love Scenario deserves to be on this list! Its such a bop and evergreen song. Great post!
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