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I feel like I’ve been saying this each week, but there are some really great songs and artists on this list! ♥

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40. BIGBANG, “Bae Bae” (MADE, 2015) 

This is one of those songs that make you blush. The song and video are incredibly provocative! L.S. puts it incredibly well:After BIGBANG starved us for three years, the cosmic kitsch-art heavens opened up to give us the brazen, promiscuous satisfaction of “Bae Bae.”

This song despite being a strange and weird experience, really utilises each member’s vocals. I’m extra salty that the piece of shit has such a beautiful part in this song.

39. AOA, “Miniskirt” (Miniskirt, 2014)

AOA’s Miniskirt was incredibly popular, especially the skirt zip dance which caused a bit of controversy (just too sexy for broadcast stations!). This was their big first standout song and it’s “sultriness served up with a wink, a smile, and a little bit of bite.”M.M.

This group has an interesting sound, each member have an interesting quality to their voice. I will say that Like A Cat was a bit more iconic in my opinion.

38. Block B, “H.E.R” (H.E.R, 2014) 

Block B are one of those groups that whenever I listen to their music I’m blown away with how good they are! People who say they are a Big Bang knock off really need to reevaluate themselves.

According to C.K. H.E.R is the brightest spot in Block B’s genre-hopping discography founded on rowdy hip-hop that blurred the lines between idoldom and the underground.” They also explain that this Zico-penned single is a patchwork of sounds that weaves electro-pop, funk rock, and rap breaks together.”

This song is fun, upbeat and makes me smile! This album also has one of my Block B favourites – Jackpot. Block B are a creative groups that has a unique sound and pushes boundaries with their sound every time! ♥

37. BTS, “Spring Day” (You Never Walk Alone, 2017)

I don’t know anything about this song, so I’m going to employ the help of L.S. with his quote about it: “Everything about “Spring Day” plucks cruelly at a taut nerve: the lyrics that vivisect loss, the motifs of remembrance, and the looming spectre of something sinister in the video. All of this leads to the bittersweet moment of the boys reuniting, when they finally move on together. In this journey of growing up, you never walk alone.”

Opening with Namjoon is a power move honestly~

I don’t know, I just felt a bit underwhelmed. I think this is a song that I would need to listen to on repeat to truly get the full satisfaction out of. I always say I’m going to listen to more of their stuff (aka more than 1 song from years ago) but I end up never doing it 😅 but to be honest I feel like BTS will be on the list again, so that will be another chance for me haha

36. 2PM, “A.D.T.O.Y.” (Grown, 2013)

I LOVE this song! I don’t listen to much 2PM, but this song is just in a while other league, so much so that I bought the Grown album!

It’s cool, sexy and those high notes in the chorus! Each member has a great voice and can I just say I would die for Taecyeon’s cute little ears. Am I extra for 2nd wave idols? yes, yes I am 😂

C.K. summarises it nicely by saying that the beast-dols flipped the script on the gendered connotations attached to sexy concepts, delivering an iconic chair dance complete with delicate hip swaying.”

35. Pentagon, “Shine” (Positive, 2018)

This is probably my favourite Pentagon song. I first got into it through Triple H, and I think it’s definitely Dawn’s vibe that makes me really enjoy the song. I’ve listened to other Pentagon stuff after he left and I liked it, but not as much. He has such a unique sounding voice that really shines in this (get it 😅)!

Pentagon often goes for the boyish school boy act which is weirdly refreshing despite being a huge trend a few years ago. M.M. explains that Pentagon lean in hard with the blushing boyishness on “Shine,” which features babytalk and throat clearing as musical devices, a frustratingly catchy piano loop, and the most open embrace of loserdom”.

The opening piano bars of this song are so catchy and instantly draw you in! These boys are definitely talented and I keep checking in now and then to see what they are up to ♥

34. IU feat. G-Dragon, “Palette” (Palette, 2017)

IU is a goddess and her vocals are stunning, and then she goes and collaborates with G-Dragon… excuse me?! This was beautiful and I enjoy everything about it!

This is a self reflective song, much like her twenty three, but this time there is a confidence. J.M.K expands by this by saying thatIU found serenity with who she was on “Palette.” She does so through simple self-reflection.  Sometimes, it’s in acknowledging the little ways in which you’ve changed and stayed the same that you can remember that life is one of constant growth.”

I’m 25 and I wish I had this thought process. But listening to IU certainly gives me more perspective and things to think about in consideration to myself as well as others~

Also, there is a live version where GD performs with IU and it’s so cute. I love them ♥

33. f(x), “Rum Pum Pum Pum” (Pink Tape, 2013) 

f(x) Pink Tape era is my favourite! (ooh and Red Light!). This is such an underappreciated girl group despite having incredibly talented members! I mean Luna’s solo song was on this list!

C.K. explains that RPPP is centered around the kind of extended metaphor you can sink your teeth into”. I wanted to explain this further as most international fans don’t know the actual title – 첫 사랑니 – This means wisdom tooth however, it also sound like “first love”, therefore the metaphor. I hope that helps!

This song is fun, sweet and smooth. It builds a densely crowded sound out of off-kilter harmonies, a bite-sized samba motif, and the melody from “The Little Drummer Boy.”” — C.K.

These members deserve much more than they were ever given by SM. Please check f(x) out, either as a group or their individual work and see how great they are. And remember to be kind online ♥ You’re words aren’t hitting walls, they are being read by real people.

32. Mamamoo, “You’re the Best” (Melting, 2016)

Mamamoo are one of the best girl groups out there at the moment. I said it, I mean it and I’m right! 😂

I really liked J.M.K. quote on Mamamoo’s sound and this song in general. They said “Mamamoo are at their best when they balance their flashy vocal chops and jazz-inflected instrumentation with a healthy dose of playfulness. On “You’re the Best,” they find a perfect middle ground that allows their show tunes-y affects to convey the thrill of being in love.”

This song is playfulness personified, with the expected sexy coolness of the group and it makes me smile everytime I hear it! The video is fun and definitely worth the watch ♥ I’m even willing to forgive those ugly jeans!

31. Apink, “%% (Eung Eung)” (Percent, 2019) 

I haven’t listened to Apink since their debut/early stuff which I wasn’t a fan of. While, this group has progressed a great deal, I’m looking forward to a more powerful sound. I just felt that most members fell short of the power and maturity of Eunji’s voice. I will say it is super catchy though and I will probably listen to it again.

%% is “seeped in a retro funk-fantasy circa the ‘80s” and where Apink quite literally took control not just of their daring new personas but also — as the music video suggests — their love lives.” — L.S.

Apink is a very popular girl group so I can definitely understand why they are so high up on this list! I look forward to seeing how they progress with this concept ♥

What were your thoughts on these songs?

Thanks for reading! I hope you are having a lovely day and staying safe ♥


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