Billboard Greatest K-Pop Songs || 60-51 || ♪ My Thoughts ♪

There are some greats in this 10! ♥

I was happy to see a lot of these artists/groups and I hope you are too!

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Let’s get right into it!

60. G-Dragon, “Crooked” (Coup d’Etat, 2013)


Coup d’Etat (along with Heartbreaker 😅) is my favourite  album of GD’s. It has so many great songs, including Crooked.  This is a song for the days you’re stifled, suffocated, and angry at nothing in particular.” — L.S. It’s a great way of also pumping yourself up. Every time I listen to this I get motivation to do something! 

In Crooked, G-Dragonshowed his more vulnerable and honest side, yet came back stronger than ever.” — L.S.

I would highly recommend this album, but I would also suggest looking at his other – lesser – known songs. She’s Gone, Gossip Man and Black are some of my all time faves! ♥

59. Dean, “Bonnie & Clyde” (130 mood: TRBL, 2016)

I’m not familiar with Dean’s work, but I do know his name because several people on my twitter love him!

According to L.S. Dean veers between his characteristic falsetto and staccato raps throughout the song’ loose structure, giving us a track that upped his status to ‘one to watch’.”

The video is pretty artsy, but I would have preferred more polish. I do like Dean’s vocal and rap style, but I keep wondering why this song?, other than it made him more prominent in the scene. 

58. Taeyeon feat. Verbal Jint, “I” (I, 2015)

When this came out I would play it on repeat! It’s been a while since I’ve listened to it, but it still makes me feel happy ♥ There is also a really cute video of Verbal Jint surprising Taeyeon at a live performance and it’s adorable!

This was Taeyeon’s first solo for it she went subtle with this tender-yet-soaring anthem that channels one’s inner voice to have confidence in the world and embrace the beauty of life.”J.B.

Taeyeon has one of the best vocals in kpop and no one can convince me otherwise ♥

57. Luna, “Free Somebody” (Free Somebody, 2016)

Oh look another Queen!

Luna is the vocalist of f(x) and is so underrated! “She might be one of K-pop’s greatest powerhouse vocalists, but she got her start as a dancer. This song, co-written by JoJo, just happens to play to both of those strengths in equal measure.” — C.K.

The video is also super cute, creative and has a fun retro vibe. I hope we can get more music from Luna soon ♥

56. KARA, “Pandora” (Pandora, 2012)

KARA was one of the most popular groups of their time with often catchy dance tunes. Pandora is an high-octane pop journey that epitomizes the synth-laden Sweetune sound that defined the girl group for much of their career.” — M.M.

Personally, I would have chosen Damaged Lady for this list because I love that song so much!

Remember to be kind online ♥

55. VIXX, “Shangri La” (Shangri La, 2017) 

I’m so happy to see the concept kings on this list that I don’t even care at my confusion at the choice of song 😅

This song is a sensual, haunting alt-R&B track” that is peppered with traditional Korean instruments, references, and motifs.” — L.S. This video is visually stunning and works well with their great vocals, rather than overshadowing them. 

L.S. rightly explains that VIXX’s complete surrender to their concepts is what makes them exceptional stars.”

I’d also like everyone to take a second and let each member’s breathtaking visuals sink in. They’ve grown so much since they debuted, I feel like a proud mother haha 😂

54. Zico, “I Am You, You Are Me” (Break Up 2 Make Up, 2016)

As an artist Zico constantly shows his range and maturity through his comebacks (both solo wise and as part of Block B). 

C.K. says that there is an elegance to his play on mirrored images, and this lush R&B track reflects his dexterity as a performer.” This song shows a whimsical, yet mature image of Zico and also a softer side. 

The video, if not a little odd, is cute and makes me smile.

53. Girl’s Day, “Expectation” (Expectation, 2013)

I remember this being so popular when it came out. I definitely recall the chorus being danced by everyone on variety.

It was with this comeback as the four member lineup that Girl’s Day truly made a big splash in the industry. Expectation is a dance-pop romp with a dizzying bridge that is one of the industry’s best to date.” — M.M.

While the group disbanded in 2019, each member has been successful with their pursuits in acting and MC-ing.

52. 4Minute, “Crazy” (Crazy, 2015)

I still listen to this song pretty regular, along with other 4Minute songs as they had such strong vocals and are one of my fave girl groups! ♥

Crazy is an empowering song” that spends its length speeding along wild snare beat twists and clapping turns, driving the world “Crazy” with its sonic, trap-infused intensity.” — T.H.

The video is also cool and highlights the dance skills of the members. Black and white just instantly makes everything cool, it’s science. Also, it’s a great video for beginners as the members wear hats with their names on 😂

51. Heize, “Don’t Know You” (/// (You, Clouds, Rain), 2017)

‘Don’t Know You’ comes from Heize’s 3rd full album and with several other songs from the album gained All Kill, as number 1 on all Korean and Gaon charts.

This song stood out as simultaneously reflective and groovy. The song’s disco-meets-R&B instrumentals bounce along over layered harmonizing, emotive rap, and a piano melody, captivating and nuanced in its composition.”T.H.

Heize’s vocals capture you right off the bat and keep you hooked until the end. Singing and rapping are weaved and transitioned between in a way that doesn’t take away from the overall groove of the song. The video is also quirky, but still has the cool alternative vibe going for it.

Also, the bear is Lee Jinki!!!! That means the video is perfect because he is perfect and that’s totally not a biased thought… 😂😘

What are your thoughts on these songs?

Thanks for reading! I hope you’re having a lovely day~


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