Book OTPs || 2020 Valentine’s Edition â™¥

Let’s talk about fictional couples! ♥

I believe I’ve done this before for one of the Top 5 Wednesday’s, however, I wanted to change it up so I wasn’t just talking about the same 5 pairings. Therefore, I will be talking about the pairings I fell in love with since last valentine’s.

These are in no particular order:

Kate & Vincent

Revenants Trilogy; Amy Plum

Despite this couple being rather sappy, it’s actually really adorable and I liked each character a lot individually. These two are able to communicate and work together, but also work well with the people around them. While this book is heavy romance, the plot is compelling and keeps you interested.

“Mon ange”~ I mean who doesn’t love a cute French boy ♥

Flowers, Red, Roses, Romantic, Banner, Fragrant

Lia & Rafe

The Remnant Chronicles; Mary E. Pearson

I love me a couple who talk to each other, listen to each and understand that they can’t live in their own world. Lia and Rafe both have ambitions and goals, and while certain aspects – big aspects – don’t align together they still support each other.

The world building is quite good in this one, but it’s definitely the characters that make these books worthwhile~

Flowers, Red, Roses, Romantic, Banner, Fragrant

Elizabeth & Nathaniel

Sorcery of Thorns; Margaret Rogerson

We stan a tall lady book lover who wields a sword and a bisexual idiot magician! ♥

Elizabeth was a fantastic protagonist and her relationship with Nathaniel who is tortured, brave and soft, but a complete dolt at the same time and I love him! They bicker and have a great rapport. Overall, this book is a book lover’s dream. Rogerson has a beautiful writing style and Silas is a precious snarky little demon who deserves all the hugs despite not wanting any 😂

Flowers, Red, Roses, Romantic, Banner, Fragrant

Nick and Charlie

Heartstopper; Alice Oseman

The 3rd volume came out this month and I loved it!! Charlie is such a sweet boy despite everything he’s been through. He stands by Nick who is working through his sexuality and allows him to come to terms with it at his own pace. And Nick! What a sweet, lovely and kind sporty boy. I love these boys so much!

And the wonderful thing about these graphic novels, is that the side characters are great and the other relationships are just as diverse and queer. Tara and Darcy are outspoken lesbians (Darcy in particular is rather chaotic and I love her) and we are starting to see the budding romance of Tao and Elle (a trans girl) ♥

Flowers, Red, Roses, Romantic, Banner, Fragrant

Sarene & Raoden

Elantris; Brandon Sanderson

For a couple that don’t spend that much time together in the grand scheme of the 615 page book, I loved everything about them. Sarene is a strong woman in her mid-twenties who wants to look after the people of her new home and won’t let the patriarchal court get in her way. Raoden thinks more with his heart and strives to bring out the best in others and himself.

This is a great debut novel with a rich and interesting world. With all the character, likable and unlikable, you understand what their motivations are. This makes the plot so much more compelling.

Thanks for reading! I hope you’re having a lovely day this pink and fluffy valentine’s. I’ll be spending it alone (as usual 😂) with a good book!


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