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โ€œI like good strong words that mean somethingโ€ฆโ€ – Louisa May Alcott; Little Women

Due to the recent Greta Gerwig adaptation of Little Women, Louisa May Alcott’s classic has been making another resurgence (especially in the book community). I’m one of those heathens who has never read the book and I’m not really sure I want to watch the new adaptation. I’ve seen the 1949 version and I’m kind of happy to end my consumption of the story there. I also get it confused with Meet Me In St Louis for some reason ๐Ÿ˜…

I know the gist and most of the main plot points (even the true ending Alcott wanted for Jo which Gerwig honoured in her adaptation). Even though I’m not interested in the book, the questions Jananie (thisstoryaintover) has made for this tag are wonderful!!



Name a book that you wished you’d written because it’s just that good:

There are so many books! I don’t think I could name just one.

And the problem is, a lot of the books I’ve given 5 stars made me cry and I don’t think I’d ever finish them from just sitting at my computer crying ๐Ÿ˜‚ Like, The Miniaturist; Jessie Burton was fantastic but I wept. The Illuminae Files; Amy Kaufman & Jay Kristoff were great, but I cried at each book!ย 

As silly as this sounds, I’d probably go with Twilight; Stephanie Meyer. The first book is my favourite and it’s so much better than the film! I think this is my second most reread book.


Name a book with a heroine whose journey is far more inspiring than her romantic relationships:

I recently read Elantris; Brandon Sanderson and Sarene is a smart and competent woman. She finds herself in a new country and a widow to boot. She then has to traverse new territory and gain the trust of those around her to make sure the country she now calls home is safe from the religious threat of the East and the corruption within.

Lia from the Remnant Chronicles; Mary E. Pearson is also someone who is more concerned about the people rather than her love life. Of course, there is a lot of romance in these books, but Lia’s growth and intelligence is what I remember the most.

I don’t really read contemporaries or hard hitting novels because I read for escapism, so I’m sure there are a lot more in those genres. Plus I’m a romantic, so I gravitate towards the romance aspects more.


Name a book with a supporting character/cast that makes the book for you:

The Arc of the Scythe Trilogy; Neal Shusterman! I loved the supporting cast, especially the several we get to know more of in The Toll. I found myself tired and bored of the main characters, so the supporting cast were what really made these books high rated ones for me.

Also, George from the Lockwood & Co. series; Jonathan Stroud gets a mention because he made these books so much funnier!


Name a book with a character whose dreams/aspirations are very different from your own:

I read a lot of fantasy or urban fantasy, so most of their dreams are to rightfully rule their kingdom, or to write wrongs/get rid of the bad guys…

And I don’t really have any dreams… I’m in limbo ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜…

I suppose, Elisabeth from Sorcery of Thorns; Margaret Rogerson comes close to my dreams of being surrounded by books.

Does Winnie-The-Pooh; A.A. Milne count? I just want to be full, happy and have friends ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿป


Name a book with a character death that devastated you:

Well, where do I start haha and obvs *SPOILERS*

I will never be over this! Ghastly Bespoke deserved more! So did the rest of the Dead Men. Derek Landy is a monster haha! And Matthias didn’t deserve what he got either! It came out of nowhere and it was like Leigh Bardugo went “I haven’t killed anyone… I can’t kill any of these ones, but the lovely Fjerden can go as I won’t get as much backlash”.

There is a death in The Miniaturist; Jessie Burton that I didn’t see coming and it hit me like a brick.

The death at the end of Noughts & Crosses; Malorie Blackman had me WEEPING! As did the death in The Essex Serpent; Sarah Perry.

I cry at character deaths… a lot….


Name a genuinely good character that you think deserves the best:

Nick and Charlie from Heartstopper; Alice Oseman! They are so cute. Nick is adorable and a loving person who is nice to everyone (plus he has a dog โ™ฅ). And Charlie has been through so much because of spiteful people, he deserves to be happy.

Bringing back Twilight because I can~ Charlie Swan goes through so much crap because of Bella, and he deserves the best and a peaceful fishing trip.


Name a book with a character you love but who is generally disliked or misunderstood:

Even more Twilight! Bella Swan… I think people only think of film Bella and not book Bella. In the books she has far more personality and control of her thoughts and actions. She’s feisty and talks back, she isn’t just super passive.

I can’t think of any others… My opinions must be rather generic ๐Ÿ˜…


Name a book with a ship that you love but others generally dislike:

… Does Valduggery count? Probably. I mean Skulduggery is a couple hundred year old skeleton, while Valkyrie is in her early 20’s and they met when she was 12…

I can’t think of any others, just that weird one ๐Ÿ˜‚

Thanks for reading! I hope you’re having a lovely day~


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