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Book Tag Time!

I saw this tag on Paper Fury, while the original tag comes from The Little Booknerds~

I don’t think I’ve done this before, as several questions look new, but a lot of tags have some of the same questions but I doubt anyone will notice haha ^^”

1. How Many Book Are Too Many For A Series?

As long as the books remain well written and well plotted then the amount of books doesn’t matter to me. Some of my favourite series have around 5-10 books. For instance, Skulduggery Pleasant; Derek Landy (but I hate the new “Phase” so…) and Demonata; Darren Shan.

Also I don’t count trilogies as series – these are normally the ones I read the most.

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2. How Do You Feel About Cliffhangers?

I don’t like cliffhangers. However, I have a way around them because I tend not to read books as they come out. A year is too long! So, I wait till they have all come out and then read the series~

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3. Hardcover OR Paperback?

I like how hardcovers look, but I prefer reading paperbacks. And they are the cheaper version and I can’t afford to spend like Β£14-Β£20 on every book I purchase!

Thankfully, some books in the UK don’t even come out in hardback, for instance, the Arc of the Scythe; Neal Shusterman. This meant I didn’t have to wait even more months for the paperpack version of The Toll and it was the same price as other paperpacks (Β£7.99/Β£8.99 can’t remember which one it was haha ^^”)

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4. Favourite Book?

Pride & Prejudice; Jane Austen – my answer will never change!

I mean I named my family dog Darcy! I adore this novel!

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5. Least Favourite Book?

The Hobbit; J.R.R. Tolkien. Ugh this book was so boring.

I also tried to read The House of Night series but the first book was so bad that I couldn’t finish it.

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6. Love Triangles, Yes or No?

As long as each character has a life of their own and a personality I’m down. A lot of time they can get a bit annoying, especially as most of them are so obvious who the main lead is… but most of the time I never get second lead syndrome when I read.

(I don’t know how to explain this in non-drama terms πŸ˜‚)

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7. The Most Recent Book You Couldn’t Finish?

The book that comes to mind is the third book in the Poison Study series. I just couldn’t find the motivation or point of carrying on. I lost interest in the plot real quick. And that was in 2018… I don’t really dnf books. I tend to struggle through πŸ™ƒ

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8. A Book You’re Currently Reading?

I’m reading some chunky books at the moment, and have been reading them for months haha ^^”

  • The Diviner’s; Libba Bray
  • Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell; Susanna Clarke
  • Parade’s End; Ford Madox Ford

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9. Last Book You Recommended To Someone?

I recommend my best friend Mel books all the time, but I’m not sure what the last one was… she’s currently borrowing my copy of Battle Royale; Koushun Takami so I’ll say that one. Whenever we go to book shops I do a lot of pointing πŸ˜…

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10. Oldest Book You’ve Read By Publication Date?

I’m not really sure. I read the Karma Sutra; Vatsayana during my degree, but that’s not something I read because I wanted to haha πŸ˜‚ The next is Dante’s Inferno which I read for uni too.

The next one is Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Nights Dream (1595). This also happens to be my favourite play of his.

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11. Newest Book You’ve Read By Publication Date?

My most recent read, publication wise, was The Toll; Neal Shusterman.

This is the final book in the Arc of the Scythe trilogy and I’m so proud of myself that I actually read it in a timely manner. I read the entire trilogy last year!

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12. Favourite Author?

I don’t really have a favourite author. I have loads of authors who I like and continue to read their work, but not a definitive fave.

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13. Buying Books OR Borrowing Books?

Both. I like to own books because I like them on my shelves. However, I do use the Overdrive app a lot which is connected to my local library. I’m bad at returning books to the library and Overdrive does it for me haha πŸ˜‚

I will say though, my local library sucks… it doesn’t have a lot of variety and not a lot of audiobooks, which is bad because it’s for an entire county! Hence, why I have started using Scribd.

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14. A Book You Dislike That Everyone Seems To Love?

I mean the only one I can think of is the first book in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. It’s a much loved fantasy classic and I found The Fellowship of the Ring boring. So much walking 😐

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15. Bookmarks OR Dog Ear?


I know that people can do whatever they want with the books they own, but dog-earing physically hurts me. I see people do it and I cringe. I see people fold the entire page… LIKE WHY DO THEY DO THAT?! I use literally anything as a bookmark; receipts, bus tickets, random bits of paper etc.

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16. A Book You Can Always Re-Read?

Would it be a surprise if I said Pride & Prejudice? Nope. Lol haha

The first book in the Skulduggery Pleasant series is one I can always re-read. Especially as the audiobook is read by an Irish man and the accent β™₯.β™₯

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17. Can You Read While Listening To Music?

I can only read while listening to classical music if I’m using my headphones, but if the radio’s on then it’s alright, I can drown it out.

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18. One POV or Multiple?

As long as the voices are distinguishable from the other, then I don’t mind. I do prefer 1 POV, but if each character has an interesting plot then more are welcome!

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19. Do You Read A Book In One Sitting Or Over Multiple Days?

I read pretty slowly, about 40-50 pages in an hour. I have to set basically a whole day aside to read an entire book. With audiobooks it’s easier as I can often listen to them at double speed.

Saying that the books I’m currently reading have taken me weeks ^^”

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20. Who Do You Tag?


(If you want to do it haha ^^”)

Thanks for reading! I hope you’re having a lovely day~


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