Soompi Singles Music Chart || November Week 1 Favourites ♪♪


Soompi does a weekly Singles Music Chart and I though it would be a fun idea to go through the top 10 singles and then choose the 3 that are my favourite of the week (November 2019, Week 1)~

I hope you enjoy this and find some new artists to listen to along the way with me~

3. How Can I Love the Heartbreak, You’re the One I Love – AKMU

Chart Position: 1

This song from Akdong Musician is written by Lee Chan Hyuk. It comes from their third album “SAILING”. I love these siblings so much! And I’m happy to see Chan Hyuk back making music ♥

I knew just then

That I can’t leave you

No matter how many problems we face

It’s easier to withstand, than breaking up

AKMU’s videos are always aesthetically pleasing and artistic. This video has a blue, cool feel to it. Lee SooHyun’s voice is stunning as always, while Chan Hyuk’s has such a calming and gentle sound. They are such talented people!!

While I do really like this song, it’s not my favourite AKMU song by a long shot.

lyrics translation

2. Another Love – Song Ha Ye

Chart Position: 4

I hadn’t heard of this singer and I’m so glad I decided to go through this weekly chart. Song Ha Ye’s voice is so lovely! She has done a lot of drama theme songs including ‘Say Goodbye’ for Hotel Del Luna.

I should be happy today
But why should I feel sorry and cry?
In his arms that held me without a word
I knew I should let you go
I’m sorry, goodbye now
I’m sorry, goodbye for real

The video is so pretty and heartbreaking. The story is about a woman asking if it’s alright to move on and to fall in love again after losing the person that has loved them through a lot.

lyrics translation

1. Workaholic – BOL4

Chart Position: 6

I had never heard of BOL4 and I’m so happy that I know about them now! BOL4 is a duo made up of Jiyoung and Jiyoon. Jiyoung is the main vocalist and also wrote Workaholic, while Jiyoon is the backing vocalist, guitarist, bassist and rapper.

Workaholic comes from their mini-album “Two Five”

Everyone hands up, beer cheers
Like youth who don’t have any regrets, face it
All of these situations make me laugh
I open my eyes and it’s already morning

It’s the same thing every day, I’m sick of it
I’m just getting through the day
Don’t worry, just face what you are doing yeah
There’s no time

This song is both upbeat and chill and I love it! Jiyoung’s vocals are wonderful and the concept of the song and video is so cool. This is also a very relatable song about the pressures of the workplace and feeling like your youth is being used up, and coming to the realisation that you can say no and to not have regrets.

I’m excited to listen to the rest of BOL4’s music and to see what they do in the future ♥

lyrics translation

What were some of your favourites in week one of November!

Thanks for reading! I hope you’re having a lovely day~


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