IU & Yeo JinGoo x Marie Claire || August 2019

♪ When I’m just me, I shine the brightest ♪ Palette; IU & Gdragon IU and Yeo JinGoo are currently starring in the TVN drama Hotel Del Luna, written by the Hong sisters. For more information and pictures visit Marie Claire Korea~ These photos are my favourite from this shot. I just love their simplicity ♥ However,…… Continue reading IU & Yeo JinGoo x Marie Claire || August 2019

You Drive Me Crazy! || Mini Review

SO CUTE! 🦔 You Drive Me Crazy aired last year (2018) on MBC and was written by Park Mi Ryung. The complete drama has four episodes at 35 mins each. After sleeping together two best friends, Han Eun Sung (Lee Yoo Young) and Kim Rae Wan (Kim Sung Joo), strive to ignore the subject and…… Continue reading You Drive Me Crazy! || Mini Review

Why I Chose to Study RE || TT

A little introductory Theology Thursday~ When I used to tell people I was studying Asian Studies and Religious Studies I would always get weird looks and then the “funny” question of “Oh so you want to be nun?” No I don’t. Well it’s my last resort. They give you a roof over your head, a…… Continue reading Why I Chose to Study RE || TT

Leeteuk x Grazia || 09.07.2019

The angel without wings 😇 Leeteuk is the leader of Kpop group Super Junior. They are second wave Hallyu and one of the best known groups in Asia. For more pictures and information check out Grazia Korea~ These photos were taken in the Renaissance Koh Samui Resort & Spa; Thailand.   It is dumb that I’m more…… Continue reading Leeteuk x Grazia || 09.07.2019

Lawless Lawyer First Thoughts || Episode 1

Lee JoonGi is too handsome and I feel personally attacked 😂 Lawless Lawyer or Lawless Attorney is a TVN crime/prosecutor drama from last May-June. This drama has been on my radar for a while and I really want to watch a lot more of JoonGi’s work. Director: Kim Jin Min Screenwriter: Yoon Hyun Ho Bong…… Continue reading Lawless Lawyer First Thoughts || Episode 1