Songs That Got Me Into Kpop || TOP 5 πŸŽ΅

Getting into kpop is easy, getting out of it is a lot harder. And who wants that anyway? haha πŸ˜‚

I’m a lot more of a casual listener when it comes to music nowadays, and I’m never really up to date with charts, even in England haha

However, I want to get back into finding new bands and artists. But it all began somewhere right? And I wanted to share what songs got me into rabbit hole that is kpop in the first place!


Exo debuted in 2011/12 and around this time I was in sixth form (for those of you not English, this is yr 12 & 13 of secondary school, so ages 16-18) and a friend of mine was watching MAMA and I was immediately hooked!

And yes this is the version with the long winded weird tree of life, elements thing at the beginning! If I had to watch it so do you haha πŸ˜‚



And then Kyungsoo just hits us with his voice β™₯.β™₯

For those interested my favourite song off this album is What is Love?


I then somehow stumbled across UKISS who I have a soft spot for even now even though they mainly work in Japan and are now only three members (two of which are in the military right now).

I prefer the dance version to the main music video:

This was also the band which I made one of best friends listen to and she got into them as well haha

Also Eli is so cute with his wife! He was on Mr House Husband and their baby is cute and chubby!


If memory serves right MBLAQ were also my gateway into variety. These idiots are the funniest group, hands down!

I don’t really follow what any of them are doing right now, apart from Joon (because of his acting), but if I feel awful watching their variety show “Sesame Player” is a sure way of making me laugh until I can’t breathe! πŸ˜‚

Which then led me to finding my favourite group: SHINee!!!

I think I watched Hello Baby before I even listened to a song of theirs, but the first one I think I heard was Sherlock.

This song is so upbeat and fun and the MV has a doggy in it!! And funnily enough, SNSD’s Jessica~

Oh and can I just say that this MV gave us the best hair for Jinki? Because it did! (and long haired Taemin is so beautiful!).

SNSD – Gee

After getting into SHINee, I discovered who Jessica was and then I found out that Minho was in one of SNSD’s music videos and that’s what got me started with these 9 beautiful dorks β™₯

I then discovered they were in the first series of Hello Baby which I immediately watched! This sparked my love for Seohyun, as did We Got Married (her and YongHwa’s parts are the only ones I’ve watched properly and repeatedly haha)

Because of my love of SHINee and SNSD I think this is why I tend to have listened and like most of SM’s music.

Did any of these songs or groups spark your love of KPOP?

What got you into KPOP and if you want me to check out/review any songs let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading! I hope you are having a lovely day~


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