The Tolkien Book Tag 🧝

This is kind of a shit show lol

So my dad really enjoyed it when I asked him some of the questions on the Book Blogger Memory Challenge, so I thought we could do a tag together.

My dad likes LOTR and has been moaning at me to read them (I did it dad! Are you proud? 😂) so I thought it would be great to do the Tolkien Tag~

This tag was created by Andrea Heckler over on YouTube!

1. How did your Middle Earth journey begin?

My dad would probably say it’s because of him but mum had a huge thing for Sean Bean and he’s in The Fellowship film (story of my childhood haha I won’t lie he’s hot in Sharpe :p)

My dad says there was a party.


Related image

2. What is your favorite Middle Earth book?

Two Towers! It was amazing! I was blown away especially as I hate the Hobbit and my dad’s favourite:

The Fellowship of the Rings because of Tom Bombadil

I swear he went off on a tangent talking about how great Tom Bombadil was for about ten minutes! He’s where I get that from 😂

3. What is your favorite film?

The Fellowship of the Rings! I love that one! What I dislike about the book is less obvious in the film. It’s definitely a book that works better on film than paper. The New Zealand landscape is just stunning!

My dad: “The one with the battle”


Related image

He then proceeded to tell me all about the battle until be both worked out that he meant the one in Return of the King haha

4. Films or books?


My dad is boring and said the books because there’s more information

Image result for nerd school girl gif

5. Who are your favorite characters?

Samwise Gamgee!!! We agree on this! Faramir is also a great character (more so in the books than the films)

He also says Gollem and obvs Tom Bombadil. As well as Lady Galadriel.~

6. What Middle Earth race would you be?

I’d want to be an elf, but we all know I’m a hobbit! Fat and short lol

Dad went from Elf (the singing kind in Mirkwood – so specific!) to Ent… apparently his beard swayed it… and stomping around… and the hour long breaks…

tolkien masterpiece

(this monstrosity took me way too long to make but I’m weirdly proud and you’re welcome haha ^^”)

7. Best actor/character casting match?

My dad immediately said GANDALF! So Ian McKellan haha

And Sean Bean, and Legolas (lol) and John Rhys-Davis and Sam

I literally had to stop him so my dad would list the whole damn cast! 😂


For me, Sean Astin was a great Sam! Andy Serkis was fantastic as Gollum!

I really liked Liv Tyler as Arwen, but it’s not accurate to the books, so does that count?


As we were talking about a different question, my dad exclaims “ooh ah! I missed one! Christopher Lee as Saruman!”

8. What is your favorite place in Middle Earth?

I LOVE Rivendell! It’s so beautiful and magical!

My dad after much deliberation said Rivendell, Brandybuck hall and the Mines of Moria in the good old days without the dead dwarves and the Balrog!

9. What is your favorite quote from the books or movies?

Me: “Po-tay-toes!”, “I can’t carry it for you, but I can carry you” –  and ” “I am no man!”

Dad: “What’s it got in its pocketses?”

He then said: ” oh and when Sam said something about a rope… about packing a rope.”

He then went off on a rant knowing it was about needing a rope. He googled it in the end:

Rope!” he muttered. “No rope! And only last night you said to yourself: “Sam, what about a bit of rope? You’ll want it, if you haven’t got it: Well, I’ll want it. I can’t get it now.

Apparently what we’ve learnt is that my dad can’t choose one thing. And most of the time not even two!

I hope you enjoyed this. I had a lot of fun making this and writing it up~

Thanks for reading! I hope you are having a lovely day ♥


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