Onew ♥ || Voice Photos + Lyrics || Top 5

All the photos were taken by me, so sorry if they suck…

Voice is Onew’s first mini album which came out last year before he went into the army. And can I just say right now, he is serving us looks in his uniform and on stage and I’m more updated on my beautiful angel now than when it was SM’s job to update us… just saying.

Anyway, Jinki is my bias in SHINee and my Ultimate Bias in general ♥ And because I’ve done a few kpop fashion posts, I thought I would show you my favourite 5 pics from the Voice photobook.

With the pictures I wanted to include lyrics the photos are close to in the ablum, just to give the post a bit more substance. I hope you like it!


I love this picture! I’m a sucker for hot men in white shirts and next to books! haha


Lyrics by Kenzie

♪ In this silent moment I feel everything about me

I understand the joy of loneliness

Blue night

The thing that’s calling me from far away, Is it light or darkness? ♪

Translated lyrics are from LyricsKpop


It’s the shirt I swear! Jinki just looks so beautiful and sophisticated in suits! ♥

거리마다 (Your Scent)

Lyrics by 코난 and 로코

The feelings rise up again

Without holding back I try calling you

Translated lyrics are from ColorCodedLyrics


This is such a warm photo. I don’t like the slippers and socks ensemble, but the rest of the photo is lovely. 

Under The Starlight (동네)

Lyrics by 이신성 and Zigzag Note

I trace those days and before I know it
My eyes fill with tears like a smile

Translated lyrics are from kpop9977


Okay I’m just in love with this outfit! And Jinki just looks so peaceful~

Sign (어떤 사이)

Lyrics by HwangHyun and Park JiYeon (MonoTree)

Even though it scares me that now that I’ve said these words
We might become awkward starting tomorrow
But this is how I feel
What else am I supposed to do
I like you a lot

Translated lyrics are from ColorCodedLyrics


1. This is so cute – 2. Jinki’s lips looks so full and there is a slight smile! 3. Adam’s Apple ♥.♥

사랑이었을까 (Illusion)

Lyrics by Lee Jinki, 로코 and 코난

Though I try to ignore it and pretend to be okay

My reddened eyes speak for themselves

Translated lyrics from are Kpop9977


And of course I was going to throw in an extra picture. Look at his beautiful face!

I hope you enjoyed this post. Do you have a favourite pic or lyric from Onew’s album?

Thanks for reading and I hope you are having a lovely day~





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