Bae Doona x Elle Korea || 05.04.2019

Louis Vuitton x Bae Doona Bae Doona always does cool looking editorials~ This outfit is one of favourite looks of this new collection. The black vest (£2,770) takes a lot of the madness out of the printed dress (£2,770) underneath. The colours in this outfit and set compliment each other so well. The LV belt…… Continue reading Bae Doona x Elle Korea || 05.04.2019

A Witch’s Romance (2014) || Review â™¥

So much wasted potential… Ban JiYeon (Uhm JungHwa) is a reporter for Trouble Maker, a paper built upon finding the next “sexy” topic. The CEO’s words, not mine haha JiYeon’s crazy antics (due to her passion as a reporter) puts her in the path of Yoon DongHa (Park SeoJoon) who happens to be her neighbour!…… Continue reading A Witch’s Romance (2014) || Review â™¥

O.W.L’s 2019 || ReadAThon May TBR âœ¨

‘Wit Beyond Measure is Man’s Greatest Treasure’ This readathon is taking place now! But I knew April wouldn’t be the best time to do this because of writing essays (or procrastinating because my depression was like nah mate!). So I’ve chosen MAY. I have three exams, and I suck at revising, so while I’m failing,…… Continue reading O.W.L’s 2019 || ReadAThon May TBR âœ¨

Irene x Vogue Korea || 22.03.2019

“You know how torturous it is for me to find shiny things that aren’t intended for me.” Blair Waldorf ♥ Irene is the leader of SM girl group ‘Red Velvet’. She also happens to be my bias ♥ And I love this editorial! Vogue do some lovely and beautiful shoots! For more on the editorial,…… Continue reading Irene x Vogue Korea || 22.03.2019