My TBR in Stats || πŸ“Š

I learnt how to make pie charts for this!

No-one asked for this and no-one cares, but I got a friend to teach me how to use excel for this! (thanks Mel~) Also, making this is guilt-tripping me more into kicking my tbr in the butt!

All in all, I have 104 books on my tbr. And these are all physical books that I own (and I just realised I bought 13 books last month… whoops πŸ˜‚)

I’m sorry if any of the numbers don’t add up, I double checked, but I suck at maths, so… yep…

Age Range:

Unsurprisingly, the majority of my tbr books are YA, but I didn’t realise I had this many adult books either.

  • Middle Grade: 11
  • Young Adult: 60
  • Adult: 33

age range chart


Some of the genres might be a little off, mainly because finding genres of books is harder than I thought (or it’s because I’m dumb haha). And for “Urban Fantasy”, I tend to bung that in with ‘Paranormal’, so that’s what I did here!

  • genre chartFantasy: 42
  • Sci-Fi: 3
  • Historical: 2
  • Paranormal: 40
  • Dystopian: 12
  • Horror: 2
  • Mystery: 2
  • Thriller: 1


Page Numbers:

49,882 pages… I need to lie down…

There are 294 days of the year left (I’m writing this on 12/03/2019). If I read 100 pages a day (lol) then I’ll read 29,400 pages which could be more than half of my books, or more because of those pesky over 500 page books that are just mocking me! They bring up the average book length just under 500 pages and I know I have books that are just under 300!

I have so many fantasy books and they are always so bloody long!

And Jonathon Strange & Mr. Norrell is 1006 pages long… is that really necessary?

Release Date:

I’m always behind. I mean I only just read Divergent this month haha ^^” So it’s super in character for me to be behind on everything, so reading is no different. Most of my books were released between 2009 – 2018. I don’t own any books that were released this year (but I will be buying the new Skulduggery Pleasant book!)

release date chart


Getting this pictures and trying to line them up took me far too long! I watched about 3 episodes of Judge Judy while doing it haha

All the book covers are the ones I own (apart from a couple, mainly because I couldn’t remember what they looked like…)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After doing this I want to immediately jump into a book! So, that’s exactly what I’m going to do! Bye!

Thanks for reading! I hope you are having a lovely day~


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