March 2019 || Wrap Up πŸ“š

I also didn’t realise how many Victorian mysteries I ended up reading this month! 5 out of 11! I’m so proud of myself! I mean I am/was supposed to be writing essays, but my depression hit me a bit harder this month than I expected. But who cares?! I read so many books. Am I…… Continue reading March 2019 || Wrap Up πŸ“š

Death and the Harlot || Book Review πŸ“š

It’s review time with no spoilers~ I was lucky enough to be accepted for an advanced ebook copy of Death and the Harlot by Georgina Clarke from Netgalley. This book comes out 13th May 2019 and I would definitely recommend it! Death and the Harlot is set in Victorian London, which is honestly the best…… Continue reading Death and the Harlot || Book Review πŸ“š

#FantasyAThon || TBR πŸ“š

Essays or readathon? Bring on the readathon!! The FantasyAThon is a 10 day readathon from 5th – 15th April. There are 7 Challenges, but fantasies tend to be a lot longer, so I’m not making any grand plans! The 4 books I’ve chosen could even be a challenge! There are 1986 pages in total, so…… Continue reading #FantasyAThon || TBR πŸ“š

Character Profile Part 1 || Sissi πŸ‘©

It’s time to introduce you~ This is one of the better character profiles that I have seen, so I thought it would be so fun to do this with my main characters (I did cut some things out just because I didn’t think they were relevant). This comes from Reedsy and you can check them…… Continue reading Character Profile Part 1 || Sissi πŸ‘©