Creating a Fictional Monarchy โ™›

Let’s do some fictional creating!~ I fell out of love with writing a few years ago, mainly because I think I suck… BUT I really want to get back into it! I stumbled across a post on pinterest (which is where the pics in this post are from) which led me to Melissa Gravitis’ blog…… Continue reading Creating a Fictional Monarchy โ™›

Handsome Henry x W Korea || 23.10.18

It baffles me how so many idols go from goofy to sexy real quick! As I’m always late to the show, here’s an editorial from October 2018 shot in Henry’s hometown of Toronto~ The model is obviously Henry (Former member of Super Junior and SMentertainment artist). The photographer is ์•ˆ์—ฐํ›„ (Ahn YeonHoo). All photos can…… Continue reading Handsome Henry x W Korea || 23.10.18

Blogging Plans || 2019

I’m incredibly unorganised and procrastination is one of my greatest skills. So let’s make plans I probably won’t fulfill~ DRAMAS I want to post about dramas at least once a week. Even if that means an update on what I’m watching and how I feel about them. I think these will be interesting to look…… Continue reading Blogging Plans || 2019

Part Time Idol || Mini Review

I have too many groups to stan and now I kind of stan a fake one?! Several misfit trainee idols at YZ (LOL) are put together by Jung Tae Kyung (Kim Min Kyo), who has just come back from his spiritual break to find himself. The group and Tae Kyung face many challenges, from the…… Continue reading Part Time Idol || Mini Review