24in48 Readathon ||Wrap Up ⏱

I suck at readathons!

So, my depression decided to be a dick and hit me hard this weekend, so I only ended up reading for just under 9hrs…

If this was a sleep-a-thon, I would feel so much better about writing this post 😂😂

screenshot_20190127-014212_clock However, I don’t feel too upset because when I did get into the swing of reading, I actually did really well.

I’ve been reading The Calling (Kelley Armstrong) for a month, and I finally finished it during this readathon. It was a 2☆ but I can finally be free of that book haha

The book in my tbr post was Gemina (Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff) and I DID IT!! I READ IT!! I’m so proud of myself haha ^^”

This was a 5☆ read and I love this trilogy so much and when I don’t feel like shit and want to just eat chocolate and watch Judge Judy, then I’m going to pick up Obsidio and probably read it in one go like Gemina!!

12277322So, the main part of the readathon

gemina – reading for 24hr in 48hrs – was a bust. But on a reading stance, I’m pretty happy with how this went. I would have preferred to read for longer, and for my brain to be in a better place, but meh, that’s life, right? haha


Thank you for reading! I hope you are having a lovely day~


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