The Miracle || Mini Review โ™ชโ™ช

It’s body swap time! Kwon ShiYeon (Hong YoonHwa) and Kwon Siah (Sonamoo’s Kim NaHyun) are fraternal twins, who are complete opposites. After helping a tarot reader, ShiYeon gets a wish which causes a stir between the sisters when they swap bodies. ShiYeon is a plus sized student who is bullied at school, while Siah is…… Continue reading The Miracle || Mini Review โ™ชโ™ช

Go Princess Go || Ep. 20 Recap

Are we welcoming a little boy or girl to these wacky palaces? Peng Peng falls and calls for Physician Zhang, who ‘he’ has to reassure that ‘he’ won’t beat him! Physician Zhang announces that Peng Peng will give birth in 2 days. When alone Peng Peng tells Lu Li that ‘he’ still feels uneasy. ‘He’…… Continue reading Go Princess Go || Ep. 20 Recap

Go Princess Go || Ep. 19 Recap

I want a cute ugly pouch of love haha~ After working out how to use embroidery hoops without Lu Li’s help as she flat out refuses toย (this cutie wants her first embroidered purse to be for her future husband), Peng Peng spends ‘his’ nights sewing. On the 5th night, Qi Sheng visits a very tired…… Continue reading Go Princess Go || Ep. 19 Recap

Friendsgiving | K-Drama Ver. || #T5W

Get your invitations now!~ The book #T5W is to list who we would invite to a “friendsgiving” party and here is the kdrama version! Of course, there are more than 5 people turning up… we all knew that would happen haha ^^” 5. Cha Hong Do (Choi KangHee) Heart to Heart is one of my…… Continue reading Friendsgiving | K-Drama Ver. || #T5W

Characters I’d Want at Friendsgiving |๐Ÿ“š| #T5W

Let’s take a prompt and then twist it out of recognition! Let’s go! Wednesday has rolled around again and this week it’s about Thanksgiving. Obviously, as a Brit I don’t celebrate this, but this is pretty much a version of “what fictional characters would you invite to dinner”. November 21st: Characters You’d Want at Friendsgiving…… Continue reading Characters I’d Want at Friendsgiving |๐Ÿ“š| #T5W