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My Bookish Identity πŸ“š

More tag fun!

This tag was created by Little Book Owl, Katytastic and Benjaminoftomes over on YouTubeΒ πŸ“·

Let’s Answer Some Questions!

What dystopian/fantastical world would you live in?

Why would I ever want to go to a dystopian world? I would die instantly! haha

To be fair, it would probably be the same in a fantasy world too. But, I would really like to fall into Terry Pratchett’s Discworld, simply to bask in how strange and mad it all is!

5518-Ghibli_SeriesHeaders_Howls_2000x800_v2Who would your partner be?

Howl from Howl’s Moving Castle. I enjoy Dianna Wynne Jones’ novel, but Hayao Miyazaki’s reworking of it is absolutely perfect! I’m counting it here because I have the graphic novel version of the film haha :p

Also, Howl is absolutely beautiful and he’s so adorable and sweet.

Who would be your godly mother/father? {Percy Jackson}


Would you be a downworlder or nephilim? {Shadowhunter world}

Being a nephilim is too much hard work. I mean they have to exercise. I’m not here for that life! I mean I would love to be badass and fight demons, but effort haha

I’ll choose my lifelong dream of having magical powers~

Which house would you be in? {Harry Potter}


All the tests I take (including Pottermore 2x) house me in Ravenclaw. And ever since I was a child, I’ve connected most with that house.

Which faction would you be in? {Divergent}

… I own the trilogy, and I still haven’t read them haha

According to this Faction TestΒ I am an Erudite:

You belong to Erudite. You pride yourself on your intelligence, and are constantly thirsty for more knowledge. You are curious and inquisitive, and believe that a lack of knowledge is the cause of most problems. However, you may also become power-hungry, as your intelligence leads you to believe you are always right and ignore the opinions of others. You’ll get far if you listen once in a while.

I agree somewhat, but I’m so aware of other people’s opinions (of me especially) that its unhealthy haha

What would be your daemon? {Northern Lights}

downloadOoh so many options! My favourite animal is a giraffe, but I feel that that would be logistically difficult haha

Your daemon is supposed to reflect your personality, so maybe a cat? I’m an anxious bundle, but I’m oddly self assured at times. Plus I love sleeping and lying around doing nothing.

Oh! I know! A Pallas Cat!! They are so fluffy β™₯

Plus fun fact, they are bad at running, so we have that in common haha

Let me know your answers!

Thank you for reading! I hope you are having a lovely day~


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