The Guest || First Thoughts πŸ•‡

It’s Halloween and I’m a wimp, but I keep seeing this on my twitter timeline and I wanted to check it out! It’s been a while since I’ve watched something on OCN and ooh boy I forgot how their crime/horror kdrama’s don’t care about my poor little wimpish heart! In this first episode we meet…… Continue reading The Guest || First Thoughts πŸ•‡

My Bookish Identity πŸ“š

More tag fun! This tag was created by Little Book Owl, Katytastic and Benjaminoftomes over on YouTubeΒ πŸ“· Let’s Answer Some Questions! What dystopian/fantastical world would you live in? Why would I ever want to go to a dystopian world? I would die instantly! haha To be fair, it would probably be the same in a…… Continue reading My Bookish Identity πŸ“š

HIStory2: Crossing the Line || Mini Review

I have a newfound interest in volleyball haha *spoilers within* Crossing the Line is the last (aired so far) storyline in the HIStory2 series. Xia Yu Hao (Fandy Fan) is a troublemaker with a temper. He gets forced into joining the volleyball team when he’s seen jumping by the captain (and somewhat threatened by his…… Continue reading HIStory2: Crossing the Line || Mini Review

Spell Out Your Name || KPOP TAG β™ͺ

8 idols for 8 letters! Let’s Go! I thought this would be a fun little tag to do. I don’t know who made this tag, I couldn’t find any author. If you know, let me know so I can credit them! So, the tag is to spell out your name in kpop idols. The challenge…… Continue reading Spell Out Your Name || KPOP TAG β™ͺ