July 2018 || Wrap Up 📚

Books, books, books!

I had planned to read 15 books in July (see post). It was very optimistic, especially as I took a spontaneous trip to Cardiff haha

I ended reading 9 books… of which only 3 were on my July TBR… haha ^^”

So what did I read?

The Girl Who Played with Fire (#2) – Stieg Larsson 


(On TBR)

This book was rather disappointing. ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ was wonderful and had me gripped. This one was so slow to start and when it did pick up, it flipped between so many different people that it could get a bit confusing… At some points I couldn’t even remember who some people were. Don’t get me wrong, this was a good book and well written, but just not as intriguing as the first. Lisbeth, as always is a brilliant character. Learning about her past was interesting, but not as jaw dropping as I was expecting. And Blomkvist didn’t really do a lot…


The Girl who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest (#3) – Stieg Larsson 


(On TBR)

The last book in Larsson’s Millennium Trilogy was wonderful

! Seeing Blomkvist and Lisbeth doing what they do best was interesting and fun to read, especially as we didn’t see Blomkvist do much in the last book. The events of the book were gripping, although I would have preferred to have the trial to be a longer portion than what is was, especially considering how long this book is!

This is a great ending to a great trilogy and I definitely recommend it if you enjoy crime and thrillers, with very well written and intricate characters.

Breaking Dawn (Twilight Saga #4) – Stephanie Meyer 

This was a reread for me and I loved it more than I remember when it first came out. This was super fun to read (as was reading the rereading the rest of the series back to back. I love the characters and I’m not ashamed to admit it! :p

The main problem I do have with this book though, is the ending. It’s so anti-climatic. We spend a portion of the book waiting for the Volturi and it’s over within a short span, considering the overall length of this beast haha

Bleach (3-in-1 Edition) Volumes 1-6 – Kubo Tite /

I read the first volume years ago and I wasn’t that big of a fan. The story didn’t grip me and I’m so incredibly picky when it comes to manga art styles. However, on a whim while travelling in Cardiff, I picked up the first 6 volumes (I’m impulsive okay! haha) and I’m so glad I did!

I fell for the characters (although I’m a little worried as we seem to be getting more and more introduced!) The standouts have to be Orihime and Tatsuki ♥ I love their relationship so much and I would happily just read about them haha

Unravel Me (Shatter Me #2) – Tahereh Mafi 


(On TBR)

This was heaps and bounds better than Shatter Me. The new characters and plot are far more interesting. We’re seeing so many new sides to Juliette and how different people have such effects on her. It’s refreshing to see Juliette around more positive energy and realising her own potential without being stifled by Adam (who is so bloody annoying!). I love Juliette and Warner, but I’ve got to admit, I’m mostly here for Kenji haha

Pride & Prejudice – Jane Austen 

So, I was feeling pretty shitty and the obvious thing to do would be to reread P&P for the 4th time this year, right? Right.

I find it hard to properly explain why I love this book so much. There is just so much to love! The characters are wonderful and I feel content and safe when I’m between these pages ♥

16248068The Elite (The Selection #2) – Kiera Cass 

This was fine. A lot happened, but nothing of consequence really occurred. I like the world and we are getting more information, but I wish we could see more of it. It was also refreshing to see America become more aware of her feelings and take the Selection more seriously.

The One (The Selection #3) – Kiera Cass 

Did things end pretty easily? yes. Do I care? no. After not


enjoying the second book as much, I was cautious about the third, but I enjoyed this so much. America’s flipping from one guy to the other, especially when her feelings were so clear, was a little annoying, but I honestly only feel love and warmth towards America. It was also somewhat annoying that America kept putting off telling people what she needed to, but like I said I do love her ♥ Maxon is a treasure and deserves all the love!

(Aspen was just meh and Cass’ way of redeeming his character was out of the blue if you haven’t read the novellas – which I couldn’t be bothered to)

And I’m just so happy that I read this trilogy. It’s nothing mind blowing or original, but it was fun and made me smile.

All in all, July was a really good reading month and to be honest it was a pretty good month in general. I went to new places and saw old friends ♥

I plan on keeping up the July reading plans into August and hopefully I can kick it’s butt and finish several series/trilogies that I should have done a while ago ^^”

Do you agree or disagree with my thoughts?

What books did you read last month?

What are your plans for August?

Thanks for reading! I hope you had a great July and an even greater August ☀


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