You’re Not Enough || Book Tag 📚

Picking 30 characters is harder than it should be haha Creators: I’ve seen this on YouTube, but it looks like the original video isn’t online anymore. However, here are the links to the two creators channels: – BeccaTheBookReviewer and ReadLikeWildfire Before I looked at the questions, I picked 30 characters at random and here are my results: 1.…… Continue reading You’re Not Enough || Book Tag 📚

Burn, Rewrite, and Reread || Book Tag 📚

This is a fun tag that I watched when it first spread through BookTube, and here I am finally doing it! To do this tag, you pick three books and decide which one you want to burn, rewrite and reread. Simple, right? Before we get started, here are the “Creators and Links”: Lauren Ann and…… Continue reading Burn, Rewrite, and Reread || Book Tag 📚

Rebel Detectives 🔍 Ep. 4 Recap

Our trio has become a quartet! DaYoung is in a contract meeting with a shifty man – Han MyeolCheol -, who wants her to pay 1 million won (which is around £680). As she doesn’t have the money, he tells her to give up her dream of becoming an idol. MyeolCheol is happy to hear…… Continue reading Rebel Detectives 🔍 Ep. 4 Recap

Rebel Detectives 🔍 Ep. 3 Recap

The trio are closing in! After getting a call from her dad, EunWoo’s sister checks up on our two geniuses… who have escaped out the window! At what I can only describe as their lair, HanEum is explaining how EunWoo’s internet records have been hacked remotely. Using his trusty Phoenix VII computer program, HanEum runs…… Continue reading Rebel Detectives 🔍 Ep. 3 Recap

July 2018 || Wrap Up 📚

Books, books, books! I had planned to read 15 books in July (see post). It was very optimistic, especially as I took a spontaneous trip to Cardiff haha I ended reading 9 books… of which only 3 were on my July TBR… haha ^^” So what did I read? The Girl Who Played with Fire (#2)…… Continue reading July 2018 || Wrap Up 📚