My Time in Cork, Ireland ðŸ‡®ðŸ‡ª

Spending time in Cork was honestly one of the best decisions I have ever made ♥

I flew to Cork on the 4th September and I loved it! Planes are so cool and the sky is truly fascinating. I then got lost in Cork trying to find where to pick my keys up haha

Emma, Constance and Ciara (and Titie 🐈) were very welcoming and I’m glad I got to live with such lovely people~

Starting the University College Cork was daunting, but I went to classes and met some lovely people. One of these people is Mistura, who just so happened to be in a lot of classes and on the Korean Society committee. Joining the Korean society was wonderful. I met some of the loveliest and welcoming people I know.

And joining meant that I did some things out of my comfort zone!

I went to Dublin and drank several drink for the first time (there was an open bar :p). I went to several restaurants and fun hang out sessions (generally at Mistura’s flat). I even participated in a Running Man (LAD) event; I ran. I don’t run haha ^^” I even participated in the St Patrick’s Parade!

I also met Mark. And with my gay husband and my black Muslim daughter (we’re a good Catholic family haha ♥) I had some of the most fun and growing experiences. Without them, my time in Cork would not have been as memorable.

There is honestly so much that I could write, but I want to come back and let the pictures speak for themselves and throw me back into the moments~

Korean Embassy Event – Dublin 23/11/17

St Patrick’s Day 17/03/18

Youngbo 선생님 took so many picture this day, she was too adorable~


Elizabeth Fort and St. Fin Barre’s Cathedral Adventure Day~ 2018

Blackrock Castle Observatory – 2018

The pink wall gave me so much joy! ♥

Cork City Goal – 2018

Special thanks to Craig for putting up with us while he was trying to work haha

Fota Wildlife Park – 17/05/18

I spent so much time at the giraffes and I just want to use this space to thank Mark and Mistura for putting up with me haha ^^”

Random Pictures

Thank you to everyone at K-Soc who made my time in Cork so memorable, as well as all the other people I met too, in my classes and flatmates ♥


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