#AprilAThon Wrap Up πŸ“š

I am finally free of essays and classes! Therefore, I have time to finally write this post and watch some kdramas that I’ve been ignoring. This readathon spanned April 2nd – April 8th and in that time I read 3 books. WRAP UP: The Bane Chronicles, Cassandra Clare To be honest I added an extra…… Continue reading #AprilAThon Wrap Up πŸ“š

Currently πŸ“š and πŸŽ¬

I have finally finished this term of Uni and the Summer awaits (or as close to the Summer as England gets haha ^^”). This means I have free time~ Currently Watching: Another Oh Hae Young I’m about halfway through this drama, and I’m enjoying it at the moment. Oh Hae Young is a fun lead,…… Continue reading Currently πŸ“š and πŸŽ¬