Queen of Mystery|| Episode 1 First Thoughts 🤔

I saw the trailer for series 2 on my Twitter timeline and it looked hilarious and I’m so intrigued to see how the comedy interlinks with the crime. So here I am~

Episode one starts of with a hilarious scene of bickering detectives who end up getting surrounded by the thugs. This type of comedy is laced through the episode and can be absurd, yet hilarious.

Our main lead, Yoo Seolok (Choi Ganghee) is a prosecutor’s wife with a penchant for crime investigation and she is good! Seolok is also incredibly adorable and I want her to be happy and succeed in a field where her passion lies. Heart to Heart is one of my favourite dramas, so I’m not surprised that Choi Ganghee is wonderful in this role.

Her mother-in-law, Park Kyungsook (Park JungKeum) is wonderful! Despite being somewhat similar to the usual dramaland mother-in-law as she is picky and is in Seolok’s business. But, she seems to genuinely care for her daughter-in-law. Her friends are also HILARIOUS!! I really hope they keep having a strong presence in the drama. They are nosy and outrageous and I love it!

Yoo Seolok joins forces with Officer Hong (Lee Wongeun) who is a sweet, somewhat slow on the uptake, lieutenant and head of a local police station. I’m a little confused as to how he is the head of a police station. Officer Hong is  at his job, but it seems that he couldn’t have solved the crimes he’s faced with without Seolok.

We meet Ha Wanseung (Kwon Sangwoo) in the first few minutes of the drama and he is a rough around the edges detective. He doesn’t seem to be the most considerate person during the snippets we see interspersed of him throughout the first episode. I hope he becomes more likeable and I foresee a lot bickering between Wangseung and Seolok 🙂

The main antagonist is Jang Dojang (Yang Ikjune). We don’t know much about him, but the impression we get is that he is dangerous and hard to capture.

As I’ve said the comedy is absurd, yet hilarious and makes for a fun watch. However, the crime aspects are well thought out and can be serious. Which is seen (and foreshadowed) by our main antagonist, Jang Dojang (Yang Ikjune). We don’t know much about him, but the impression we get is that he is incredibly dangerous and hard to capture. The end of the episode had me worried my cute ahjumma.

I’m looking forward to seeing how the relationship dynamics grow and change now that some misunderstandings have been cleared up. I’m also interested to learn more about our leading lady and what her friend, Kim Kyungmi (Kim Hyunsook) meant that Seolok’s husband only became a prosecutor due to Seolok. And will we meet the mysterious prosecutor husband soon? I also love the best friend as she is straight to the point and has Seolok’s back.

I’m definitely looking forward to watching more of this drama soon!

What are your thoughts on Queen of Mystery? Let me know in the comments~

Thanks for reading! I hope you are having a lovely day!


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