Hello! After participating in several readathons I really wanted to bring the same concept over to Dramarambles, therefore here is DRAMATHON!! Here are the details: When Is It? For How Long? 4th August – 14th August. For 10 days! I’m planning on doing one of these maybe every month or every two months – especially…… Continue reading LET’S DO A DRAMATHON!

Stuck out of Dramaland #SID2

Stuck in Dramaland is so far from the truth in the past two weeks. Here’s why, and what my plans are for this coming week: 1. I had no internet last week I was at my sister’s last week to pet/house sit and my sister doesn’t have wifi… It was torture. I couldn’t watch any…… Continue reading Stuck out of Dramaland #SID2

Secret Forest | Ep 1 +2 | FIRST THOUGHTS!

Woah. This is going to be an intense ride and I am here for it! (p.s this is in place of my Stuck in Dramaland post because this is all I’ve watched this week haha ^^”) Secret Forest follows Prosecutor Hwang ShiMok (Cho SeungWoo) who does not feel emotions due to a surgery he underwent as…… Continue reading Secret Forest | Ep 1 +2 | FIRST THOUGHTS!

Stuck In Dramaland #1

Hello! It’s July… Where is the time going?! Anyway, I’m going to be getting on top of this blog. I swear. I upgraded and I’m going to kick my butt into gear! This is a  segment I am going to post every Friday and it will be an update on what I am watching and…… Continue reading Stuck In Dramaland #1