Witch’s Romance | Ep 4-6 | Thoughts!

It’s “Thoughts Time” and hopefully, I can make the notes on my phone into some sort of comprehensible blog post. Let’s see if that happens! *spoilers and ramblings within* ๐Ÿ™‚ Episode 4: This episode concluded the actor scandal which involved JiYeon’s university Sunbae. This episode started with JiYeon in the hospital, with a worried DongHa…… Continue reading Witch’s Romance | Ep 4-6 | Thoughts!

A Witch’s Romance FIRST THOUGHTS 1-3

Uhm JungHwa is a Queen! (*spoilers inside*) A Witch’s Romance is a drama that I have wanted to watch for so long, but since I started this blog and recaps I’ve put it off because recapping outside of using Viki can be so stressful. However, I want to watch it and I don’t think I’m…… Continue reading A Witch’s Romance FIRST THOUGHTS 1-3