Go Princess Go! Episode 10 Recap

Decisions and revelations in this episode are going to cause problems in the future. Lu Li is happily applying cucumber slices to Peng Peng’s face, while ‘he’ grumbles about ‘his’ experience in the tent. Angered at the thought of Sheng just leaving ‘him’ there for so long, Peng Peng rushes off to give Sheng a…… Continue reading Go Princess Go! Episode 10 Recap

Puck! Review (Sort Of…)

I saw a post on dramaswithasideofkimchi (click here to see the post – it’s a lot better than this one – and explore! It’s a great blog ^^) and I was so happy to see that Viki got the licensing and it applied to Europe!! YAY!! \(^0^)/ Small Synopsis: JoonMan (Kwangsoo) is forced to work for a gang…… Continue reading Puck! Review (Sort Of…)