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Another Parting (어떤 안녕) Episode 4 Recap

Parting (이별)

A short recap, but definitely the best episode so far!

The car runs out of petrol and the pair abandon it. HaNa notices that Hul is cold and holds out her hand for him. He takes it, cautiously, but happily smiles to himself as they continue on.

The pair find themselves in a swimming pool, which he notes is  beautiful, just like her tears. HaNa asks if he has cried before, and he explains that feelings have long gone from his planet (what the hell happened there?!). HaNa thinks that she would like it, but Hul disagrees, saying he likes Earth better. He wonders if dust can have feelings too (referring to how he will become like dust if he misses his deadline), but changes the subject, asking HaNa if she really meant to jump off the bridge.

She responds with “why? You think I couldn’t have done so?” and jumps into the pool.  Throwing off his jacket, Hul jumps in after her and they have a casual swim, where the telepathy comes in handy, as HaNa thanks him for saving her as now she feels that she can live another day. Meanwhile, Hul is sad that he only has a day to see her.

Having tracked the car our leads took, the detectives have arrived at the pool and start to bang on the locked door. Detective Lee gets his partner to go find a key, while he stays and shouts that it’s only a matter of time before they are caught.

Inside the pool, the alarm goes off and Hul makes a decision. He tells HaNa it’s time to go back now, and he makes her promise to never lie to herself.

He gives her the pill and the pair kiss (and Hul cries… my poor alien baby! At least they can’t say he failed his mission).

We then watch as the entirety of the last 4 episodes unwinds and HaNa finds herself at the studio with JoonSuk, who is annoyed at her lack of focus on their meeting.

Additional Comments:

Ugh, this episode was so peaceful and a pleasure to watch. There is a great artistic style to each of these episodes, and combined with the story of trying to understand human emotion and the acting, makes the drama so much more interesting and fun to watch.

So, does HaNa remember to fulfill her promise to Hul and what happens to Hul? Is he still stuck on Earth or has HaNa going back completely altered his timeline as well?

Thank you for reading~


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