Another Parting (μ–΄λ–€ μ•ˆλ…•) Episode 2 Recap

Hana and… Hul!(ν•˜λ‚˜μ™€… 헐!)

This episode was so good! This is how a webdrama should utulise the short amount of time it’s episodes have! ^^

On the bridge, our leading lady goes to climb the railing, however, is stopped by our alien communicating telepathically with her. Seemingly unfazed by this turn of events, she goes to jump again, but our alien asking her why she is crying stops her.

The pair end up at a restaurant, where she tells him her story. Our leading lady was once a singer, in a relationship with her producer, however, a new singer took her place and her man.

She explains that she wanted to kill the producer, Kang JoonSuk (Choi DaeHoon), then the other woman, Jenny (Oh ChoHee) and lastly she settled on wanting to kill herself. Our alien is unsympathetic as he doesn’t understand why she should be crying over that. Saying that love on his planet is something that would appear in a history textbook (this planet is strange…).

He asks her whether she really wants to die:

“No… I want to kill that bastard.”

“Do you want me to kill him for you?”

JoonSuk and Jenny are having drinks with friends, when our leads rock up to their hotel room. Once inside, and once our alien knows who the target it, he steadily aims the gun on JoonSuk.

Our alien starts to explain why he’s here, but then whispers to our leading lady to ask her name (they hadn’t introduced each other yet?!). Upon hearing the answer, he is both confused and amused at her name being Hana (as in the number 1 in Korean).

JoonSuk thinks this is all fake, but quickly changes his tune when our alien demonstrates, with a shot to the ceiling, that the gun is real. JoonSuk starts to grovel, saying that he is very sorry and to spare his life. He even hides behind the sofa, not caring that Jenny also becomes a target when Hana tells our alien to kill her too.

However, instead of shooting anyone, our alien shouts “Bang! Bang! Bang!” He laughs, throws the gun at one of the guests, grabs Hana’s hand and says, with a smile, “Let’s run away.”

Our alien seems rather cool, until he runs the wrong way and we see Hana lead him back onto the right course (Ha!).Β 

They are running along the bridge and Hana asks our alien his name, but he doesn’t have one on this planet. Hana reacts with “hul”, a phrase similar to ‘wth’ or slight frustration/annoyance, which our alien takes an immediate liking to and adopts it as his name! (pahaha!)Β 

The pair keep running, hand in hand, as they laugh together.

Additional Comments:

This episode was far better than the first, in my opinion.

There was better pacing, more development, both in plot and character wise. I mean we finally have names for our leads! Even if one is a slang Korean word haha ^^”

Seo InGuk is doing a great job playing this odd, somewhat emotionally challenged, alien. Wang JiWon is also a pleasure to watch alongside him.

I’m really interested to see where this is going!

Thank you for reading~


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