Songs I’m Loving – WEEK ONE ♥

This is a new segment that I am going to be bringing to this blog! It will generally be kpop related, but I hope to bring in some Japanese music (when I find songs/artists) that I really enjoy in a certain week~

I hope you that enjoy it (oddly this was pretty fun for me to make) and any feedback would be much appreciated! ^^

This week has turned out to be very busy, therefore I didn’t have time (nor motivation tbh) to review that song… *hangs head in shame* BUT! I’m going to slot it into this post, right….



So, from watching this I see that this video goes before I’m Young… whoops. Anyway, I do enjoy this song, I think it has a very mellow feel to it and the cinematography that is used in this MV is very beautiful and matches well.

Basically, we see the members of WINNER involved in the high life of celebrity-dom (just go with me haha ^^”), however, when it all comes down to it, none of them are happy with that lifestyle. They always end up alone, and even if they aren’t *cough* Mino *cough*, then they at least are lonely.

At the end of the MV, Taehyun has had enough with reminiscing about the woman of his past, and leaves. I thought everyone watching the fireworks at the end was really beautiful :3

(My only issue, was the huge black strips at the top and bottom of the screen… but I guess they do add a little ambiance right?). 

AOA 크림(CREAM) – 질투 나요 BABY(I’m Jelly BABY)

This song is so cute and fun to listen to! I ended up listening to this song on a whim. I like AOA’s music, so I thought I would check it out. This is a subunit, consisting of the members: Yuna, Hyejeong, and Chanmi~

The song is about the jealousy one has when the person you like/are with is looking at other people. This concept, mixed with a rather ‘Sailor Moon’ magic/transformation and several little skits was super cute and well done.

Plus, it helps that the outfits and the fact that mostly everything was a pastel colour, made my eyes very happy! ♥

The vocals are great and the chorus will easily get stuck in your head!

Eric Nam and Wendy – 봄인가 봐 (Spring Love)

Next up I have another super cute song to talk about! I really like Red Velvet’s music and though I haven’t listened to much Eric Nam, I love his collaboration with Amber and he is hilarious on After School Club!

This song is from the new “Station” platform that looks to be forming collaborations with SM artists and range of other non-SM artists, which I really like the concept of actually.

Spring Love is “a medium tempo song that conveys the feelings of love between two friends on one spring day (thank you description box for putting it so nicely~). Although, maybe I have seen too many kdramas, but this video looks like an adorable date ♥

The scene transitions and the effects used in this video were great in highlighting the cute factor and was just a lovely way to differentiate and give it a sort of scrapbook kind of feel. It definitely has a fresh feel and this duo’s voices work really well together! I hope we can see more collaborations between Wendy and Eric in the future~

I mean look at these cuties:

Lucky J – No Love

Taking it away from the cuteness, we have Lucky J with No Love. This is my jam (do people still say this?… haha ^^”). I loved their song Can You Hear Me and they have done some great covers on music programs, so I was super happy to hear about this comeback! And I just can’t stop listening to this song! I also feel really cool when I listen to it haha

The members are J’Kyun, Jessi, & J-Yo. Jessi, of course, is most known from her appearance on Unpretty Rapstar and I think that she is good at rapping, but I really love her voice when she sings. With this song, it is a mixture of the two. J’Kyun both raps and sings, while J-Yo is in charge mostly of the vocals. The mixture of these three voices and styles really compliment each other!

From what I gather, this song is about letting go of someone you loved or thought you loved. It’s going to be hard for you, but you can and are willing to do it now.

I thought that this MV was pretty simple and sometimes that is what works best for the song and the group involved. I thought the styling was amazing, Jessi had some great outfits, as did the men. My only qualms would be the red-ish scenes were a bit gaudy compared to the other, softer scenes.

The little strips of black were small, so I don’t hate it :p

I hope this was enjoyable, thank you for reading~


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