29.03.16 -03.04.16 “Wait… April starts in 3 days?!”

I ate way too much chocolate over the Easter weekend… ^^” Anyway, last week I managed to do what I had planned, and this week, as well as next week will probably be along the same lines. It’s the last two weeks of this term and it is more than hectic ๐Ÿ˜ญ But after that…… Continue reading 29.03.16 -03.04.16 “Wait… April starts in 3 days?!”

*We Broke Up* Episode 9 Recap

A Method To Remove A Bandaid (Whenever I hear ‘bandaid’, I think of the band, and not a plaster…) This was actually a very good episode which held my attention considerably more than it recently has done. We open with NiNa kissing WonYoung on the cheek and once she has driven away, WonYoung smiles, a…… Continue reading *We Broke Up* Episode 9 Recap

Songs I’m Loving – WEEK THREE

Hello! I’m going to be honest and say that I haven’t listened to a lot of kpop this week. My love for the Sweeney Todd soundtrack was rekindled this week and I have spent many times just going through the whole thing! (It’s so good people!). However, I have listened to 3 songs a lot…… Continue reading Songs I’m Loving – WEEK THREE

Go Princess Go! Episode 2 Recap

All throughout this, typing Shang instead of Sheng was super hard! I should not still have a crush on Disney characters… haha ^^” Anyway, this was an ‘interesting’ episode that embarrassed and intrigued me, much like how I felt when watching The Lover and I loved that drama, so I’m hoping this is how I…… Continue reading Go Princess Go! Episode 2 Recap