29.03.16 -03.04.16 “Wait… April starts in 3 days?!”

Picture25 editedI ate way too much chocolate over the Easter weekend… ^^”

Anyway, last week I managed to do what I had planned, and this week, as well as next week will probably be along the same lines.

It’s the last two weeks of this term and it is more than hectic ๐Ÿ˜ญ But after that I can recap as much as I want! Think happy thoughts! haha ^^”

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Go Princess Go! Episode 2 Recap

All throughout this, typing Shang instead of Sheng was super hard! I should not still have a crush on Disney characters… haha ^^”

Anyway, this was an ‘interesting’ episode that embarrassed and intrigued me, much like how I felt when watching The Lover and I loved that drama, so I’m hoping this is how I feel with this drama too!

I’m happy to be watching and recapping this ^^~

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