*We Broke Up* Episode 3 Recap

Episode 3 is here and complete! As I said in my blog update on Monday, there was a chance that this would be posted before Saturday and here it is, on Friday evening! Look at me being early… ^^”

This episode was a lot better! I’m back on board and excited to see what happens next! ^^ Also, I feel a little stupid for only realising now, that they are using SeungYoon’s actual solo song ‘Wild and Young’ for The Band I Don’t Know’s (WonYoung’s band) performances!

*Connection Between Coincident And Relationship*

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Teen Top “사각지대 (Warning Sign)” MV/Song Review~

This is a great comeback and I really enjoy watching this mv over and over. It has flaws but the overall artistic feel, some very attractive men and an awesome lighting team made this a great little MV. And okay I fangirl a lot about Ricky and how he look super mature now (and before anyone says anything I know he isn’t the maknae, but his little face used to be so cute and little :3 This is why I have no friends haha ^^”).

Also, this has been posted later than Wednesday because I have had so much to do this week with being back at Uni after the holidays, but once I get more into the swing of things, the days I set for posts will be the days they are posted.

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18.01.16 -24.01.16 “Viki wasn’t working *cries*

Picture25 editedI hate technology. Yet I can’t live without it. I had planned that when I got back to uni I would use the weekend to get through the two recaps I had planned… but the computers wouldn’t properly show the Viki website… I was not pleased! But I have finally got onto a computer and seen that it is working perfectly fine now ^^

So, a little recap of last week = I did one MV/Song Review~… I’m so skilled haha :p

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