Teen Top “사각지대 (Warning Sign)” MV/Song Review~

This is a great comeback and I really enjoy watching this mv over and over. It has flaws but the overall artistic feel, some very attractive men and an awesome lighting team made this a great little MV. And okay I fangirl a lot about Ricky and how he look super mature now (and before anyone says anything I know he isn’t the maknae, but his little face used to be so cute and little :3 This is why I have no friends haha ^^”).

Also, this has been posted later than Wednesday because I have had so much to do this week with being back at Uni after the holidays, but once I get more into the swing of things, the days I set for posts will be the days they are posted.


I kind of have an idea, but I don’t think it’s right… So, here goes. I think that this woman represents the woman each member loves, but the woman isn’t “true” or is playing games with the man. I don’t know if they want her or don’t… I say this because, Niel had the wedding ring, but he left it on the table instead of taking it with him. But then, I think it’s ChangJo who pulls the woman back to hug her and then also CAP looks at the picture etc. but again Ricky looks unimpressed whenever he has a scene with her so… I don’t know!

I looked at the lyrics (which you can see here) and I think that the members are angry with the woman in the mv as she is not as innocent as she makes out to be and has played with him and not told him the whole story of things she has done. However, because he is already deep into the relationship (I guess that’s how you could explain it) and also can’t bear to see her upset, has trouble letting go. Therefore he wants them to get over the mistakes she made in the past etc. and go on together.

What do you think this mv/song is about? Do you agree with either interpretations of mine?


There was a lot going on in this video! A lot. The one female went from one member to the next and back again rather a lot and several clips were quite short as well. However, I did like the way she was involved in the mv, it was like she acted a little differently with each. Some she stayed rather close to, was more intimate with, or kept her distance a little.

For the most part what I loved about this mv was the lighting. Parts were in black and white, others colour and then there were scenes with the awesome lighting that I loved (and talk about a little in the dance section of this review~). I feel that it gave the mv a more distorted and artistic feel that went so well with the style and flow of the song. I also liked that the black and white scenes meant that I didn’t have to see Niel with orange hair for long periods of time (sorry, but I am not a fan of the orange hair!).

I felt that there were a lot of styles and genres in the video which again gave it this distorted feel, and of course the split/double screen of the same video (does that even make sense?! The picture above and on the right!). 

I also really loved the sets in this video, although I didn’t really understand how the white room with the dressing room really fit into it, I mean it was cool, but didn’t really go with the aesthetic of the rest of the video.

The ones I really liked was the glass shard room. I thought the lighting was great and the jumper thing (what would you call that?) L.Joe was wearing was super sparkly and just the lighting and greyness of the room is really appealing to me for some reason.

And then for my favourite set, I give you the white wall of stuff! I thought this room was so cool, especially when Ricky came into it, looking like Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl (which is true of all his scenes to be honest). And then the black paint started dripping down the wall and the art lover in me was happy!


I will admit that parts of the song sounded strange, mostly ChunJi’s parts (please don’t hurt me), I thought they were rather high and didn’t fit well. However, after listening to this song about 5 times, I am in love with it! Sometimes you just need a few more listens to truly appreciate what is happening.

My favourite voices in this song were Ricky (this baby, I can’t believe how much he has grown up… even though he is the same age as me… and was only born 11 days after me…). Also, CAP is one of those deep voiced rappers that you could just listen to all day long! I also enjoyed L.Joe’s rapping, I feel he brought a more playful and sexy(er… I mean this song is very sexy haha in a rather subtle-ish way… I hope I make sense) attitude to the song.

Niel and ChangJo are vocally good, especially Niel in my opinion. He has a rather sweet and flowing vocal that is pleasant and went really well with the song.

Overall I’m really happy with the vocals and these men did a super great job with this comeback!


These men are very good dancers and I don’t deny that, however, not much of the choreography really stood out for me, there were a few (which I will discuss shortly), but overall I came away thinking about the artistic nature and again, how mature and elegant Ricky looks throughout this! (He’s all grown up *wipes proud tears*).

So, the parts that I did like, this was more for the over the shoulder jacket part and this intense and amazing lighting (which is above and was a giant pain to try and screenshot properly!). Even though nothing about this should be sexy, it completely is and the smooth moves and ChangJo (I think that’s right) revealing his fully clothed self was something that stayed with me after watching this video haha ^^”


The other part that I liked was this scene, again I think the set is rather cool in this style and when things are in black and white/grayscale everything becomes cooler in my opinion (^^”). Also the moves are cool. They are slick and this kind of move happens at another point of the video and I thought it was really cool. Although I will say that I enjoyed it more in the live performance, not sure why?…

Star Ratings:

  • Understandable Storyline: 2/5☆
  • Video Production: 4.5/5☆
  • Vocals: 4.5/5☆
  • Dance: 3/5 ☆
  • Overall Package: 7/10☆

As I mentioned the live performance, I will include it here:

Thank you for reading~


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