Turbo feat. 유재석 – “AGAIN(다시)” MV/Song Review~

So, today is Sunday! And I completely forgot about Friday and how I was supposed to write this post… I may have got distracted haha ^^” But! It is better late than never and we are still in the right week :p

This song is pretty fun and catchy and wow Kim JongKook just needs to calm down with that face and body! haha~


screenshot_2016-01-03-12-23-06.pngErm… I wasn’t really sure if there was a story, but I’ll try my best with what I thought.

In the beginning, each member get a ‘restart’ card and they get on the Turbo Train (not even joking, that is what it’s called haha). And seeing as this is the 20th Anniversary of Turbo forming, I think it’s fitting since they haven’t been together since 2000 (I was 5 when they split up!).

screenshot_2016-01-03-12-20-18.pngTo be honest that is all I have. There is probably something about a woman and wanting to restart the relationship (I know kpop by now!), but it wasn’t very evident in the MV for me, if that was the case, it may not be.

So I looked at some lyrics (which you can see here)… yeah this song is about a woman. The song portrays the thoughts of someone wildly in love with a women, that she drives the crazy and their only wish is for them to be together.


I actually really liked the visuals of this video! I thought it was fun, cool and interesting for a box-type video.


I also really loved the colour schemes for this room!

The set I liked the most was the “outside” one, where they had a large space to dance and the “building” was in the background. I thought the colours used was pretty interesting and gave off a sort of differing futuristic view than was portrayed inside the train which was vibrant.

The styling of this video was great. JongKook looked cool and his clothes suited him very well. We even got to see his bare arms ♥

I don’t know the other members of Turbo, but I really enjoyed Kim JungNam’s style. It gave off a sort of Japanese style which I thought really suited him.

The thing I didn’t like about this video at some point the camera did a 360 turn and no… I didn’t enjoy those moments at all!


Now, here’s the thing, I am going to admit something (and please don’t hurt me): I don’t really enjoy listening to JongKook sing… I would rather just watch him be epic on Running Man.

However, I will admit, that because of this 90’s feel and the beat, I did have fun listening to this song.


See JongKook here – *drools*

Kim JungNam’s vocals were interesting. He has this sort of singing/rapping style going on that has a nice flow.

My favourite part, vocally, Mickey’s rapping. Which is not normally the part of the song that I enjoy the most. His rap was fast, solid and went with the beat well.

The music was so fun and it made the song so catchy and easy to dance to, which is always a plus!

Oh and for those wondering, Yoo JaeSuk is not in the video, however, he is the talking part at the beginning which introduces Turbo’s return ^^


The dancing was great. I enjoyed the driving part, especially as when they are doing that move, I think they are singing that the person drives them crazy.

Also, the scene where the members danced and were surrounded by backup dancers, and with the feel of the song, looked very cool and fun to watch.

Kim JungNam was also cool to watch when he danced. I thought it was cool at the beginning how he was dancing with the people in masks.

Star Ratings:

  • Understandable Storyline: 1.5/5☆
  • Video Production: 3.75/5☆
  • Vocals: 3/5☆
  • Dance: 3.75/5 ☆
  • Overall Package: 6/10☆


I would also like to just show some beautiful images of a wild giraffe~ KwangSoo has some great moves ♥ Oh and we also got a wild Cha TaeHyun appearance:

And yes I am super biased to the tall dorky one!

Oh and I don’t know why there is Chinese in the end credits, I assume Turbo worked with a Chinese company to make this video. If you know why let me know in the comments below~

Thank you for reading~



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