*We Broke Up* Episode 4 Recap!

*Twenty-Three, Twenty-Six*

It’s Sunday and that means drama recap time~

Episode 4 was quite a fun episode and focused more on WooRi which, happily for me, involves a lot of that cutie HyunWoo ♥

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Kang SeungYoon “WILD AND YOUNG” MV/Song Review!

It’s Wednesday and that means Mv/Song Review Time~ (I’m on time! *proud* haha :p)

If you follow this blog (and I don’t expect that to be the case ^^”) I have just started to watch We Broke Up which is a webdrama with SeungYoon as the male lead. The song features in the drama and my love for this song has resurfaced and I have decided to do a review on it! ^^~

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25.01.16 -02.02.16 “I Really Need To Sort Out A Schedule!”

Hello! Since coming back to University my timings for this blog have gone out the Picture25 editedwindow! However, as I am getting into the swings of things more now, I am going to persevere and get back on that schedule I had before the Winter Holiday.

Of course I am super thankful for people who visit dramarambles and who read my posts. I really hope you enjoy them and don’t be afraid to leave a comment~ ♥

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My Little Lover Episode 7 Recap ♥

*Minami-Kun No Koibito* – A Proposal After 18 Years

My Little Lover is finally back and the team on viki were amazingly fast with the subs!! I could not live without these amazing people!

I’ve finally finished this episode recap! It feels like an eternity since I posted episode 6 recap! The same warm fuzzy feeling emerged seconds into watching this and I hope you enjoy this recap (I never know if they are enjoyable for others to read or too long winded…).

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