Teddy Go! Episode 4 (Finale) Recap!

The final episode is here and I wish there was more! A lot of people were able to get some closure in this episode and there is a definite charm surrounding most of the characters. We open the final episode with a floating Yassan scaring Yoshizumi at the cram school. But before we get into this,…… Continue reading Teddy Go! Episode 4 (Finale) Recap!

I Order You (Episode 14) Recap~

So many crying montages… This episode saw a lot of blame being thrown around and both our leads were unwilling to actually talk to each other, which is one of my giant pet peeves of a lot of kdramas! However, I will say, it wasn’t as painful to watch as I thought it would be,…… Continue reading I Order You (Episode 14) Recap~

Teddy Go! Episode 3 Recap!

This drama is a pleasant surprise. The characters aren’t the most normal out there, but they are entertaining and elevate the plot. This is my favourite episode so far and I’m kind of sad this is the penultimate episode! We open with Yassan, seated on a chair with the table lamp on, giving us the…… Continue reading Teddy Go! Episode 3 Recap!