Brown Eyed Girls “Brave New World (์‹ ์„ธ๊ณ„)” MV/Song Review!

I was so excited when I found out that Brown Eyed Girls were having a comeback! They are one of my favourite girl groups because their voices are great and they tend to be powerful women rather than cute girls. I watched Brave New World first and I wasn’t super amazed by the song, but I definitely (definitely!) preferred it to Warm Hole… and because I don’t want to spend the whole time being a little uncomfortable and not positive, I chose to do this one… I will say though, this song is growing on me.

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I Order You (Episode 8) Recap~

The time has come. I have finally finished this recap after weeks of saying I would and frankly, that is an amazing feeling!! haha oh and if my grammar is terrible and I have rambled more than usual, blame the new post writing layout… where has spellcheck gone? and the word count? anyone?

Anyway, onto the episode itself. This one, was again, not as energetic and quirky as I expect it to be. However, we are certainly making advances in character development which will be built on in the episodes to come (hopefully), especially with GookDae, who I feel needs it the most.

Prepare to have your heartstrings pulled at while watching this one.
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17.11.15 -22.11.15 “My Motivation Is Going To Be Found!!”

Picture25 editedLast week was terrible, both in posting, but also just in general. And I know, it’s Tuesday… but it’s better late than never… right? haha

This week and the weeks to come I am determined to find time and have a set plan in place for posting. Setting days will have to be done during the week and then I will put them into place next week (*fingers crossed*)

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