Scholar Who Walks The Night (Episode 5) Recap~

It has been so long since I recapped a SWWTN episode. I even had to go back and read my own recaps (to be fair someone has to haha ^^”). But for some reason I suddenly got pumped to go back to Sageuk land โ™ฅ

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10. The Ark “The Light” MV/Song Review!


I recently saw a post on Soompi (which you can see here) that listed “10 of the Best Story-Based Kpop MVs”ย and I have seen most of the music videos, but I thought I would go through and review them… because I thought that would be a good idea haha ^^”

The first one, coming at no.10, which you may have guessed from the title *shush* ^^” is “The Light” by The Ark. A lot of these videos are very emotional, so when you watch the MVs be prepared for the sadness (so eloquent).

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23.11.15 -29.11.15 “Wait, Last Week Was Actually Pretty Good?! YAY!”

Picture25 editedLast week, I gave myself just a few things to do and I nearly did everything! I’m pretty proud of myself, not going to lie, although as I have essay deadlines coming out of my ears and hardly any motivation to do them, I need to get my behind in gear and not procrastinate with dramas and kpop (I legitimately watched random kpop videos all day yesterday and did no work…), so my plans for this week aren’t many!

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VIXX “์‚ฌ์Šฌ (Chained Up)” MV/Song Review!

Without Tumblr, I am pretty out of the loop when it comes to kpop nowadays. So when I found out that VIXX had had a comeback, I immediately went to investigate. I mean, who wouldn’t? These men are extremely talented and their music is sooooo good!

And thus, here I am late to the party, but no less eager to share Chained Up, and my thoughts on it, with you~

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Top 10 Things I Wish I Had Accepted As A Teen โ™ฅ

When I said I may be putting up things that aren’t related to Dramas, this is one of those posts (I did put a few pics from some dramas for a little tie in~).

I hope you enjoy it and I will definitely strive to fulfill my weekly to do’s! Feel free to let me know some of the things you wish you could have learnt or accepted when you were faced with those angst ridden days ^^ Hwaiting!

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