I Order You (Episode 7) Recap~

This episode had its great comedic moments, however, we are delving into more serious content and I’m okay with that. The pace is very good and the switch has felt very natural, especially as I’ve been able to be wrapped up with what is going on. I put that mostly down to Kim GaEun and Jang SeungJo’s acting skills.

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Kim JaeJoong “Just Another Girl” MV/Song Review~

This is one of my favourite songs by JaeJoong and to be honest, the whole album which this is from is wonderful (on the album note, the photobook is so pretty ♥.♥).

I would like to thank Noël (who has a great blog and you should definitely check out their work! Plus they are lovely~), for who this post was encouraged by. I hope you like it~

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