Top 5 Couples â™¡

This list is pretty much the couples from my ‘top 6 dramas’ post, but seeing as I’m at my sister’s house and on my phone, I thought I’d do a couple little posts on my phone.

Hope you like it anyway!

This is in no particular order ^^

The Princess’ Man


This is a Sageuk drama that I have seen remarked as a kind of Romeo and Juliet.

Moon Chae Won plays ‘Lee Se Ryung’, the daughter of a cunning man looking to gain the throne. Park Shi Hoo plays a scholar ‘Kim Seung Yoo’ who starts to fall in love with her, only to find out that SeRyung’s father was the reason his was murdered.

There story is so beautiful, heartbreaking and wonderful. SeRyung is feisty and stands up for what she believes in. The two fall in love in such a beautiful way and their personalities match well. SeRyung is definitely the shining role of the relationship when things turn tough, whereas SeungYoo’s cute personality at the beginning brought the two together.

The second couple, Princess KyungHee (Hong SooHyun) and Jung Jong (Lee MinWoo) were great to watch. Jung Jong immediately fell for the princess, whereas KyungHee is cold at first and loathes the marriage. But the way they bond is beautiful and the end to their story is absolutely heartbreaking *cries*

Master’s Sun


This romance was funny, adorable and one of my favourites (obviously ^^”). Gong HyoJin as ‘Tae GongShil’ a woman with the ability to see ghosts is a hilarious leading lady with a hig heart and spirit (get it?… haha ^^”). The way her character works well with Joo JongWon (So JiSub) a rathee typical chaebol with a bad attitude.

GongShil helps to bring out the softer side of JongWon and in turn helps him. The story is great to watch and the characters are sublime! I highly recommend this drama. But be warned, you will cry but thankfully you’ll laugh more.

Heart To Heart


Chun JungMyung plays ‘Ko YiSuk’, a discredited psychiatrist who takes on the task of helping ‘Cha HongDo’ (Choi KangHee), a woman barely able to leave her house and suffers severe anxiety even thinking about talking to others.

YiSuk’s arrogance is soon seen to hide a loving and strong caring nature, as well as a deep pain. Through working together, the pair face laughter and tears, but throughout help to heal each other.

The secondary couple (which includes the second male lead) was one I shipped from the get go. Jang DooSoo (Lee JaeYoon) the police detective HongDo’s affections were first directed to is forced to put up with YiSuk’s little sister and eventually falls for her playful nature. Ko SeRo was a character is wanted to be happy no matter what, so I was happy with this relationship, as DooSoo was, for the most part, an adorable cutie pie!

Fated To Love You


Fated to love you is a fantastic drama and when I have the opportunity to rave about it, you can be sure I will!!

This heartwarming and somewhat heartbreaking story was a wonderful journey to go on.

Jang Hyuk as a rather eccentric chaebol, ‘Lee Gun’, is forced into marriage with ‘Kim MiYoung’ (Jang NaRa) after the both are accidentally drugged and MiYoung becomes pregnant.

The pair go through ups and downs and feelings grow. The pair are hilarious and the way Lee Gun interacts with others is hilarious and after he warms up to MiYoung becomes far too adorable!

It’s also great to see MiYoung become more determined and stand up for herself.

I do warn you to have tissues on hand for the latter half of this drama because too much love will inevitably cause a brief and tragic separation!

A Gentleman’s Dignity


I couldn’t find a promo pic for these two in the drama, but this editorial will do!

A Gentleman’s Dignity focuses on a different couple, however, includes several other secondary romances, including this one.

Choi Yoon (Kim MinJong) is a divorced 40 year old man who is a lawyer. He is the one out of his group of friends who tend to fix things due to his studious and more reserved personality. That doesn’t mean he isn’t up for a laugh nor a good dose of fanboying when he sees SNSD SooYoung!

Im MeahRi (Yoon JinYi) is the little sister of one of Yoon’s best friends. She is in her early twenties and has relied heavily on her families fortune and has a youthful and carefree attitude.

MeahRi has no issue with making her feelings known for Yoon, however, Yoon is still working through the loss of his wife, not to mention the large age gap and the opposition from his best friend.

This relationship was the main reason I kept watching this drama. Yoon and MeahRi were both adorable and watching Yoon’s feelings grow was beautiful. Everything about them was just wonderful.

Obviously there are more and I haven’t watched that many dramas where the couples or story have been so greatly remembered.
This is one of those posts which in a few months I will no doubt make again!

I hope you liked it and thank you for reading~


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