Unexpected But Inspiring â™¥

This isn’t a post relating to my main topic of Asian dramas or Kpop at all. This is in fact a very personal post. It will be under my “Personal/Related To Me” Category and there may be more coming your way during the course of my university life.

I am doing this because I think it will be a good for me to have somewhere to express myself.

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“28.09.15 – 04.10.15″ – I May Not Be Here Very Regularly… I’m A Student now!”

Picture25 editedBefore I get into what my plans are and everything else, I just want to say how proud I am about my accomplishments last week! So, I did mv/song reviews, a recap and an episode review! I also want to thank the people who are supportive and look at my posts ^^

It may not be a lot of views, but every view makes me so happy ♥

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I Order You (Episode 5) Recap~

You know what, who needs to be sociable when you have dramas to recap? Not me apparently haha ^^” Also who needs to feel self-conscious about being alone on a computer in Fresher’s Week? Again not me apparently! I have pombears and a kit-kat, I’m ready to do some recapping!! Fighting ^^b

I have two complaints: why do I not have a BiRyong of my own and where is my clip at the end? That clip is essential and one of the perfect things about this drama… please have the end clip come back next time!

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