The Lover ♥ Overall Thoughts~

Mnet actually did a good job with this little drama. The writing was often fun, quirky and outright weird, however there were great intimate and emotional moments throughout, leading up to the final episode which had me in tears at several points and left me with a huge grin on my face.

This drama is certainly meant for the younger audience, which is perfect as it shows different ways of life in a more positive light than the Korean culture tends to.

I would have hoped that they could have not labelled Takuya and JoonJae’s relationship as a “dangerous bromance”, but I think they were definitely playing with the audience.

However, I will say that the way the writers of this drama handled the relationship Picture34between Takuya and JoonJae was perfect. There was the occasional 19+, innuendo moments that caused embarrassment galore, but later on, they really created a more mature atmosphere and they never poked fun at JoonJae for how he was feeling. JoonJae never said that liking males was wrong or disgusting, he worked out what he was feeling and tried to/and eventually did accept that he loved Takuya.

I just wish they had been given more air time, JaeJoon was such a good actor in his parts and I wish he had more of a chance to show his abilities.

Picture54The main couple, DoSi and DooRi, were absolutely fantastic. I fell for them right from the beginning. They evidently loved each other a lot and had such a close relationship. Yes, they were somewhat problematic, but aren’t all people sometimes.

They had their ups and downs, but the fact that they knew each other so well, was often the thing that brought them back together.

I definitely had a lot of fun watching this pairing, especially as the actors seemed so comfortable with each other, so it didn’t feel awkward to watch!

JinNyeo and YoungJoon were a couple that took some time for me to warm up to. In Picture45the beginning they were so crazy! I mean I laughed a lot when they were on, but I never really understood why they stayed together. And as time passed I realised that YoungJoon isn’t such an idiot. He’s an idiot, but not as big as I thought, and he has heart.

I liked JinNyeo’s spirit and I really wanted her to be happy at the end.

SeolEun and HwanJong were never a couple that I looked forward to. I mean some Picture11episode didn’t have them in at all and I barely noticed. They were awkward to watch and it felt forced, which seeing as they didn’t end up together makes sense. However, that didn’t stop me from being sucked into their sadness in the last episode, already overcome by the rest of the sadness of the episode. I’m glad they left each other and were able to start afresh.

I wish this drama was a little bit longer and we were able to explore their new lives, because I definitely want to see Takuya and JoonJae all cute and happy in Japan, plus I want to see the budding love between HwanJong and the apartment manager! ♥

Overall, this kdrama was a solid 8 out of 10 and I’m sad to see it end ~

Also, the fact that DoSi is short will forever amuse me! haha


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